Dukes Bailiffs

Dukes Bailiffs

Dukes Bailiffs Ltd is a family run business that has been operating for almost 25 years. The company specialises in debt enforcement and provides a number of services, including evictions, business rates, parking charge notices and council tax recovery. Its services are personalised to suit the requirements of individual clients.

When a debt is owed, Dukes can impose fees, penalties and costs in order to enforce its claim. For example, a Compliance stage fee is charged when the company issues a Notice of Enforcement. A disbursement fee covers the cost of advertising, locksmith’s charges, and the costs of storing items after removal. However, there are limits on how much you can be charged.

If you have missed a repayment date, you may have to pay a cancellation fee. The Financial Conduct Authority has also introduced a number of regulations on the way debt collection companies can deal with debtors. They can revoke the license of a company, if they feel that their practices are unfair or unprofessional. Despite these restrictions, the debt collection industry still has a number of problems. Moreover, debtors face mental health issues due to constant harassment by bailiffs.

You can contact the Financial Ombudsman Service if you have any complaints about the services provided by a bailiff. This organisation has handled over 2,000 complaints this year alone.

When you receive a letter from Dukes, it will include the total amount you owe and a deadline for payment. In some cases, the letter will also contain a seizure of your property. However, you can avoid this by acting before the bailiffs arrive.

Dukes can also collect on smaller debts. Depending on your situation, the company can accept partial payments in order to close off your account. Alternatively, they can sell your items in order to cover the debt.

When a bailiff is involved in a case, he or she can attend your home or premises between 6am and 9pm. He or she can enter your property if a High Court or County Court Order is issued. Additionally, he or she can reclaim commercial leases, unauthorised trespassers on land and a range of other issues.

Dukes is one of the UK’s leading debt collection agencies. Its team has over 25 years of experience in the industry. Its compliance department handles complaints and investigations. There is an online form to submit your complaint. You can also speak to the team by phone, or visit the company’s offices.

It is important to note that Dukes’ services can become expensive if you do not act fast. As a result, you should try to repay your debts as soon as possible. Moreover, you should make an offer to settle your debt. Once you have a repayment plan in place, you should never be afraid to pay the full amount.

Whether you choose to work with a bailiff or a professional to settle your debt, you need to remember that the best option is to resolve your issues as quickly as possible.

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