Debt Collections – How Stirling Park Collects Debt

Stirling Park debt collection is a Scottish company that offers a range of services for both private and public sectors. These include revenue management, litigation, early arrears management and rehabilitation services. They are also one of the largest debt collection companies in Scotland.

Stirling Park uses a variety of diligence in their debt collection process. For example, they can apply for an Exceptional Attachment Order through the sheriff court. This order prevents the sale of your property and gives them the power to freeze any money in your account. Alternatively, they can use an arrestment to stop you selling goods.

Another way to avoid a bank arrestment is to make sure you follow the Debt Arrangement Scheme. The scheme allows you to pay off your debt over a period of time in affordable monthly instalments. You can also apply for a Time to Pay Order through the courts, giving you extra time to make your payments. If you are unable to do this, then a Sheriff Officer can visit your home to take you to court.

When applying for a Time to Pay Order, you need to make sure you keep to the dates. If you do not make your payments, the Stirling Park sheriff officer may come to your home to remove items or sell them. You can get advice from a debt counsellor if you are unsure of what to do.

If you are able to keep to the dates, then the debt collectors at Stirling Park will ignore any attachments on your account. However, if you fail to do so, they may add interest to your accounts and other charges.

In addition to these enforcement actions, the Stirling Park sheriff officers can also recover your debt by contacting you in writing. They can do this through mail, email or letter. They can also serve a summary warrant. This gives them the power to obtain taxes, catalogues and credit cards.

They can also enter your home without an invitation. This is only possible if the sheriff court approves the exception. However, they cannot enter your home on bank holidays. Also, they can only contact you in writing. As with any type of debt collection, you must be able to respond to the communications and be sure that the claim is valid.

Depending on the circumstances, they can take you to court to get a County Court Judgement. These judgments are a first step in taking further enforcement action against you. Once the judge approves your case, they can give you further steps in the debt recovery process. Among other things, this can include asking the bank to release any funds in your account.

You can also ask for a Sheriff Officer to serve a summary warrant on your bank. Typically, this will require your bank to block any direct debits and standing orders. It will also suspend any accounts that have a balance.

If you are considering applying for a time to pay order, you should seek advice from a debt counselor. Professional debt advisors understand the laws and industry practices, and they can act as a legal shield for you.

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