What Is Equita?


Equita is a debt collection company that has been operating in the UK for many years. It works with local authorities and utility companies to recover unpaid debts. The firm also offers financial market research and advisory services to clients.

Equita is a member of the Civil Enforcement Association. This is the largest regulatory body in the UK for debt purchasing and collection. As a debt collection agency, Equita has a large network of local offices to provide a swift and effective service to its customers.

Equita operates from an administrative hub in Northampton. In addition to this, the company has a number of locally based offices that allow them to interact more closely with clients. When it comes to collecting debts, Equita can help with bailiff actions. These include securing goods from the owner’s property. During an Equita bailiff action, the homeowner will have to allow access to the property. If the homeowner refuses to allow access, the bailiff will add costs and fees to the amount the debtor owes.

Unlike most debt firms, the Equita bailiffs are regulated by the Ministry of Justice. This means that the Equita bailiffs must inform their clients when they are going to be visiting their premises. They must also give their clients time to plan for reimbursement of the debt.

Equita is also a member of the British Parking Association. While it is not a member of HMRC, the company does purchase debts from other companies and carries out debt recovery services for other organisations. Equita’s clients include over 200 local authorities.

Equita has over 1000 employees that provide debt collection and enforcement services to its clients. Some of the types of debts they deal with are Council Tax, Parking Penalty Charges Notices, Unpaid Rent Arrears and Business Rates.

Equita has a wide network of over 5,000 branches. They also accept payments through the telephone or by online portals. Customers can repay their debts through a single payment or a repayment plan. The company is also available to discuss debts with its customers, offering them options such as a write-off. However, if the amount owed is not realistic, it is best to pay off the debt as soon as possible.

Equita is a highly professional debt collection and enforcement agency that has been operating in the UK for many decades. The company is dedicated to providing debt advice and accountability to its clients. Using its extensive knowledge of the debt market, the company can spot problems in the market and suggest appropriate solutions.

With more than 140 years of experience in the debt industry, Equita knows exactly how to recover unpaid debts from their clients. Their expert team of staff can provide debt advice, set up payment plans and help you with bailiff actions. By resolving your debt, you will be able to prevent further contact by the debt collection firm.

If you have a debt to pay to a local authority, you can request that the local authority instructs Equita to collect the funds. The firm can then pursue the case in the high court.

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