Marston Holdings

Marston Holdings

Marston Holdings is a UK-based company that has a wide range of services. They work with local authorities, businesses and governments to recover debts. Aside from recovering debts, they are also able to repossess properties if needed to settle a debt.

Marston Holdings can also help to recover court judgments. As well as reclaiming payments, they are able to track down debtors through a sophisticated database. If a debtor is sent to the wrong address, they can be tracked down and taken to court. The agency is accredited by the Landscape Institute and the British Standards Institution. The company has an award-winning vulnerability strategy and a Samaritan-trained welfare support team.

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The Marston Group is the largest judicial services provider in the UK. Their bailiffs are employed by government departments, local councils, HM Revenue and Customs and other agencies. Typically, they work with tax debts and employment tribunal awards. They can also recover money associated with ACAS settlements, County Court Judgements (CCJs), traveller removals and bankruptcy orders. The bailiffs are responsible for enforcing these orders.

If you have been served a court order, you will have to make payments to the Marston Group. You can do so by providing a payment plan or paying off your account in full. If you do not pay your bill, you could be taken to court, where you might face a fine or a prison sentence.

The Marston Group has a portfolio of brands and specialises in their own sectors. They include the transport technology company Engage, the electrical vehicle charging specialist NSL Ltd and information systems provider Marston (Holdings) Ltd. Each of the brands work together to offer a differentiated integrated solution.

If you need to contact Marston Holdings, you can do so by calling their customer service number. You may have difficulty getting through, and you will be greeted with dreadful music. You will have to wait a while before you can talk to a representative.

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