Dukes Bailiffs – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Dukes Bailiffs

Dukes Bailiffs is a company based in the UK that offers a wide range of services. It has been in business for over 20 years, and claims to be the number one provider of enforcement services in the country. They offer a host of services to companies and government departments, including Business Rates recovery, Traveller Eviction, and High Court Enforcement.

Dukes is an ISO27001 accredited company, and is a member of CQI and IRRV. They offer a wide range of debt recovery services, and their services are tailored to meet the needs of individual clients.

As you would expect, they offer services that are designed to help you get your money back, and are particularly effective in recovering commercial rent arrears. Their services also include eviction of travellers and removing trespassers from land. However, there are some things that you should be aware of before engaging with this company.

First, they can be expensive. In fact, if you have more than one unpaid debt, then you can be charged up to PS75 for a “enforcement notice” – which is a type of letter that you can use to contact your creditors. Depending on what they have to offer, you might be able to get them to agree to a payment plan, which can make the process less painful.

Second, they can also be intimidating. Their representatives can come to your home, or they can visit your business premises, threatening legal action. Then, they can even sell off your items to get what is owed to you. While this sounds like a great idea, it can be more costly than you think.

Finally, they can be a real pain. They may not respond to your messages, or they may not follow up on the most important debt that you need to pay off. This can be frustrating and make you feel as though you are being held hostage.

Although Dukes Bailiffs can be a good solution for some people, they can be difficult to deal with. If you find yourself in a situation where they are harassing you or taking advantage of your poor financial situation, it’s best to take some action before they get there.

You can choose to hire a bailiff to collect your money, or you can work with a professional to come up with an alternative solution. Regardless of which option you choose, remember that you must pay what you owe. Besides, you may be able to close the gap by making a partial payment, or you can get a written off letter.

Dukes is a family run business that provides a wide range of services to both companies and local authorities. The company also provides advice on how to deal with debts, including making sure that you don’t incur further fees. Hopefully, you won’t need to engage with them, but if you do, you’ll be able to get your problems solved.

The company also has an online complaint form that you can fill out. Lastly, if you don’t want to make an appointment, you can always check on the status of your case via their self-service portal.

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