Dukes Bailiffs – How to Deal With a Debt Collection Agency

Dukes is the UK’s leading debt collection agency, with enforcement agents across the country. The company’s enforcement agents help recover local taxation debts, recover commercial rent arrears, forfeit commercial leases, and remove trespassers from private and public land. They can also enforce debts that have been transferred to the high court.

If you’re dealing with a debt collection agency, it’s best to take action as soon as possible. If you don’t make a payment on time, the bailiffs could harass you and take your property. They may even be following up on a bogus debt. If this happens to you, don’t be afraid to contact DoNotPay for help. We will fight for your rights and work to ensure that you get the money you owe.

You should be aware of the time of day when bailiffs are allowed to visit your home. Bailiffs can’t visit your property on Sundays, Good Friday, or Christmas Day. However, they can visit your property whenever they want between 6am and 9pm. If you do miss a payment, or the amount you agreed to pay is too low, the bailiff can cancel the payment plan. They can also add more fees to the debt.

When dealing with debt collection companies, it’s essential to know the laws and regulations surrounding debt collection. The Financial Conduct Authority is the body that regulates these companies, and they can be fined or banned from collecting money from you. It’s also worth contacting the Financial Ombudsman Service to discuss the situation. There are many ways to deal with debt problems, and the Financial Ombudsman Service can help you draft a debt settlement agreement.

Dukes Bailiffs Limited is a privately-owned, family-run company that has over 25 years of experience in debt collection. The company employs High Court Enforcement Agents, who are authorised by the Lord Chancellor’s department of the Ministry of Justice. These agents can enforce High Court Judgements, as well as recover smaller debts.

Dukes Bailiffs charge a fee for their services. The fees vary depending on the stage of the enforcement process that they’re undertaking. For example, if you’re dealing with a debt that has been disputed, Dukes will charge you a percentage of the total amount to enforce your debt.

Dukes differentiates itself through its ethics and commitment to transparency. It also provides monthly, bespoke performance reports to clients. Previously, it delivered pdf snapshot reports that didn’t show as much detail as the firm wanted to give their clients. So they decided to implement Certus, a web-based reporting system powered by Destin Solutions. This new solution makes Dukes’ reporting more transparent and detailed.

If you’re not able to pay your debts, bailiffs can seize your belongings. They can also sell your possessions to pay off the debt. They can even use reasonable force to get into your home, so don’t let them in.

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