Bristow and Sutor

Bristow and Sutor

Bristow and Sutor is a firm that provides bailiff services to those who have gone into debt. They visit a debtor’s property and ask them to sign a controlled goods agreement giving them power to seize possessions and business property. During the visit, the bailiffs will complete an inventory of the property. This allows them to determine how many items are worth enough to cover the debt.

Bristow and Sutor prides itself on its market leading technology, which gives debtors and enforcement agents a direct link. However, the company’s enforcement agents can be difficult to deal with, which can make the whole process more difficult. The company has the power to repossess property and vehicles.

However, if you miss your payments or pay less than the agreed amount, Bristow and Sutor can cancel the agreement. They can also add more fees to the debt if they do not receive a payment plan. This can lead to a court case, where you may be subject to a prison sentence.

A Bristow and Sutor bailiff visit can be frustrating and unfair. The best thing to do if you’re being hassled by these people is to call for help. There is a team of experts in this field that can give you expert advice and help. They will also make sure that the process does not escalate any further.

A debt enforcement agency founded in 1977, Bristow & Sutor uses the latest trends in technology and APIs to collect debt from individuals and businesses in the public and private sectors. The firm also has the power to garnish wages and sell goods to pay back the debt. A Bristow and Sutor bailiff may also use force to enter your home.

During a Bristow and Sutor raid, you will be required to give them a detailed inventory of your possessions. They will also estimate the value of the possessions. They can also use a locksmith to gain access to your property. You will need to be sure that all information in the inventory is correct.

Bristow and Sutor has recently acquired two companies. These companies have joined forces to provide end-to-end debt collection services. In addition to debt recovery services, these firms have added in-house legal services, which allows them to offer the best solutions for debtors. Aside from the recent acquisitions, the firm has also been awarded a transformational contract with TFL.

Bristow and Sutor bailiffs have more powers than the bailiffs employed by other agencies. They can visit your property without your permission, if you have unpaid debts. They can also seize your property. If you refuse to pay, Bristow and Sutor will send you a Compliance Notice, requiring you to pay the debt or face further enforcement action.

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