Dukes Bailiffs

Several companies and councils use Dukes Bailiffs Ltd to help recover debts. These debt collection firms offer a variety of services, such as private, public and high court enforcement. They have been in business for over 25 years, and are a family run company.

They specialize in a number of different services, including commercial rent arrears recovery, Traveller Evictions, Parking Charge Notices and County Court Judgments. Their team of enforcement agents is based across the country, and can help to recover commercial and local taxation debts.

The company offers services that are tailored to the individual needs of its clients. Dukes Bailiffs are not allowed to enter a property if the owner has not informed them that they live there. However, they can visit a property several times during the enforcement process. They can also remove items from the home, but cannot take items that are essential. They can also make an inventory of the possessions in the home. The inventory must be made no longer than seven clear days after the initial visit. Dukes may charge a fee for each stage. These fees can range from PS75 to PS225.

Dukes Bailiffs can also visit business premises, including pubs, clubs and restaurants. The business must give notice of the visit, and the bailiff must give the owner seven clear days to respond. They can then enter through the door or through a window. They can also enter the premises if a County Court Order has been issued, or a High Court Judgement has been issued. Dukes may also charge a “disbursement” fee, which covers the costs of the locksmith, auctioneer’s fees, and advertising costs.

Dukes Bailiffs are not allowed in a property on Good Friday or on Sundays. They can also take trespassers off the property, but they can only do so if the trespasser is a minor. Dukes can also cancel a repayment plan if the repayment date is missed. They can also add more fees.

Dukes can also remove items from a home. However, they cannot take possessions from a car that is not legally owned by the owner. Dukes can also enter through a door or a window. They can also enter the home if a Liability Order has been issued. They can also remove walking possessions, but they can only do so if they have been notified.

Dukes Bailiffs can be very intimidating and they may threaten you with court action if you don’t pay the debt. They may also threaten you with bankruptcy. If you are unhappy with their behaviour, you can make a complaint to the Office of Fair Trading (OFT). The OFT has reported an increase in complaints about debt collectors this year, with 830 complaints made to them and 2,006 complaints made to the Financial Ombudsman.

You may also be charged an “enforcement” fee. This fee is applied when Dukes issues a Notice of Enforcement, or when you receive a Compliance Notice. You can only pay a fee once for each stage of the enforcement process.

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