Bristow and Sutor

Bristow and Sutor

Amongst other things, Bristow and Sutor is an enforcement agency that specialises in the collection of debts for local authorities, government organisations and other organisations. The company was founded in 1977, and is based in Redditch, Worcestershire. As well as collecting debts, Bristow and Sutor provides debt advice and specialist debt recovery services.

Bristow and Sutor is a member of the Civil Enforcement Association (CEA) and the Civil Enforcement Association (CEA) is a regulated organisation that requires members to follow a strict code of conduct. This means that they have to follow a strict code of conduct when they deal with vulnerable debtors. They also have to adhere to the Office for Fair Trading guidelines when they are collecting debts.

Bristow and Sutor’s advice and information on debt collection can be found on their website. You can also contact them on their phone number. The company’s chief technology officer is Paul Lillico. Their finance director is Brian Maynard. The company also employs bailiffs to help them with debt collections.

Bristow and Sutor employs its own bailiffs, which means that they have greater control over their collection process. They also have their own regulations. For example, the company’s bailiffs have to behave in a professional manner. They also need to prove that the goods they are taking belong to the debtor. The bailiffs must also be able to estimate how many items they can take to sell to repay the debt. The bailiffs also need to estimate how much the goods are worth. This can also be included on the controlled goods agreement. The control of goods is an agreement that allows the debtor to keep certain possessions, but requires them to make payments each month to keep the possessions.

If the debtor fails to make payments, Bristow and Sutor will issue an enforcement notice. This is a letter that outlines the debt and tells the debtor what will happen next. The debtor will normally be given seven days to settle the debt and arrange payment. If the debtor fails to pay within that time, Bristow and Sutor will take further enforcement action. For instance, they can seize the debtor’s assets, including their cars. This may also involve court fees.

If the debtor fails to pay the debt, Bristow and Sutor may apply to the County Court for a CCJ. For debtors over 18 years of age, Bristow and Sutor may also apply for a prison sentence. Bristow and Sutor is also a member of Credit Security, which collects debts relating to overpaid council tax and housing benefit.

The company’s bailiffs have the power to seize items from the debtor’s home or business premises, including cars and mobility devices. This is in addition to the power to seize items on a controlled goods agreement. Bristow and Sutor’s bailiffs will also take inventory of the debtor’s belongings. They will then make a detailed list of all the belongings, and estimate how many of them will sell for enough to pay back the debt.

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