Champions 2022

The champions and a weekend we’ll never forget, the team had so many ups and downs and three Dnf’s .

Chris was under so much pressure it felt like he was carrying the hole team on his head from the minute we arrived at Snetterton but he certainly delivered from qualifying were he took pole position. 
Chris then went into race one on pole taking then winning from flag to flag.

The pressure had lifted now and race two was just a case of following Issac Smith  in the championship as it was him or us but as always it wasn’t going to be easy and it wasn’t,Chris and Issac touched down the back straight at 140 mph but both came away with no problem but the pressure was now on him and with the car tail to tail Chris just ramped the pressure on him and 6 minutes to go Issac went of and on to the grass at the end of the home straight and Chris was the Tcr Uk Champion and Restart racing had managed after just fifteen race were Champions.



Champions 2022 was first seen on Restart Racing