Living through remediation

Living through building safety remediation works is never easy, but there are ways the experience for residents can be improved.

Dr Jenny Preece, from the University of Sheffield and the UK Collaborative Centre for Housing Evidence (CaCHE), has produced a report based on her survey of leaseholders in England who have experience of building safety remediation. The report highlights areas where contractors and other parties including building owners and managing agents can play a proactive role to support leaseholders living through remediation:

Jenny has also produced a helpful poster (which you can print by clicking on the link below) listing ten steps on-site contractors can take to improve the experience of living through remediation:

The report on living through remediation is part of a wider piece of work, which includes a report produced in 2021 on the impact of living through the building safety crisis on leaseholders’ mental wellbeing:

Our thanks to Dr Jenny Preece and to all the leaseholders who participated in this research, many of whom were motivated to use their own experiences to try and improve things for others.

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