How Long Does a Plasma (Fibro) Blast Treatment Last?

Hey, do you want to get rid of the frustrating signs of ageing? What if you have a chance to back the clock and get back your healthy and youthful skin again?

But if you’re one of those, who don’t prefer going under the knife, you better look for a non-surgical solution, like Plasma (Fibro) Blast Treatment. It’s a less invasive revolutionary skin-tightening cosmetic treatment to meet your concerns regarding wrinkles and mild or moderate sagging skin! You can have a perfect facial rejuvenation rather than reducing your skin volume.

But a question may strike your mind, “How Long Does This Treatment Last?” since you’re spending pounds on it. Well, that depends on not one but several things! Let us explain that to you!

Plasma Treatment

Things Affecting How Long Plasma (Fibro) Blast Treatment Will Last

Since Plasma (Fibro) Blast Treatment uses an electronic handpiece for this non-surgical rejuvenation, you may experience a little trauma to the top layer of your skin. And this surgical technology is perfect for different areas where you need skin tightening, from the lower and upper eyelid to frown lines and wrinkles on your face to age spots, stretch marks, freckles, sun spots, loose skin, and different skin imperfections.

And if you wonder how many sessions for Plasma (Fibro) Blast Treatment you need to attend to get the desired look, well, that depends on your skin concerns, your expectations, and the part of your face or body you want to treat. Yes, you start noticing results after a month and the improvement within three months.

But how long these effects will last depends completely on your aftercare, skin type, and the lifestyle you lead. But in most cases, we have seen our clients saying that they find the effects of Plasma (Fibro) Blast up to between two to five years.

However, your negative lifestyle choices can impact the lasting results of Plasma Blast. Here’s HOW:

  •  Do you often sunbathe or drink too much alcohol and smoke? Then, it may leave a negative on the Plasma (Fibro) Blast outcomes while diminishing its lasting results and preventing the improvements.

  • The quality of your lifestyle often affects the overall longevity of this non-surgical skin tightening treatment. It discourages lasting outcomes.

  • Sometimes, even when you maintain a proper lifestyle and keep your alcohol and smoking habits in control, the Plasma (Fibro) Blast treatment may not last as long as expected. The reason behind this can be your genetics here that triggers your ageing process. Yet, you grow older faster than others. However, a healthier lifestyle may help you avoid it to a great extent and make the results of Plasma Blast longer!

Anyway, after a certain time, when the effects of Plasma (Fibro) Blast treatment fade away, you may notice your skin getting loosened again because of your ageing. And no treatment can prevent that!

Bottom Line

Well, you can see pictures of our previous procedures on Facebook to ensure the final results of Plasma (Fibro) Blast treatment. And we advise you to stay hydrated, wear sunscreen and avoid sun exposure, keep your skin moisturised, practice proper aftercare, and maintain a healthy diet.

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