The best casino events to attend in Australia

When it comes to gambling, it’s fair to say that those in Australia are certainly fans. There are numerous land-based casinos to choose from and these are all world-class. They all offer truly spectacular settings as well as an amazing range of games such as slots, blackjack, poker and roulette. For some people, the preference will always be to play online. It’s understandable that players prefer the online experience, but that’s not to say that land-based casinos have nothing to offer.

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Where these land-based settings come up trumps is when they put on events. You’ll find that many of these combine the love of music with the popularity of gambling and this can make for a great evening of entertainment. Let’s take a look at just a few examples.

Ramble Tamble – The Australian Creedence Show

By heading over to Wrest Point Casino, you can be sure of having a truly amazing night. While Ramble Tamble visit casinos across Australia, it’s Wrest Point that currently has the pleasure of hosting this world-class four-piece band. If you’ve yet to come across this band, it is one that gives immaculate performances of Creedence Clearwater songs.

Creedence changes the whole music scene when they rose to prominence in the 60s and 70s. Ramble Table can be found performing some of the very best Creedence hits such as :

  • Proud Mary

  • Who’ll stop the rain?

  • Bad Moon Rising

  • Green River

So, how can you be sure that Ramble Tamble can deliver the goods? Well, this is a band that tours Australian casinos and always brings the house down. The band has also toured with some of the top recording artists in the world. As much as we love playing online pokies for real money we’d struggle to recreate this form of entertainment at home. 

Chaka Khan

The American singer-songwriter has a career that spans over five decades. Known as the “Queen of Funk”, Chaka Khan has won an astonishing 10 Grammy Awards and sold around 70 million records around the world. With a career that’s still extremely active, and successful, you’ll now find Khan appearing at a host of Australian casinos.

The fact that an artist as famous as Khan can be found in Australian casinos says a great deal about how seriously they take their events. It’s not a case of just putting on any type of entertainment and hoping for the best. Instead, they go for the best knowing that the results will be outstanding. 

TiPS for Gaming

Events at Australian casinos aren’t just about the players. There are also those that are held for those in the industry to help them to offer a better, and safer, experience. The event held by TiPS allows those who run casinos to learn how to deal with guests who may be intoxicated or those who are underage.

The idea is that these events help casinos to promote community relationships. The local community sees the steps being taken and is more likely to be positive about the casino’s presence.


The best casino events to attend in Australia was first seen on Casino Life Magazine