Pennsylvania’s Parx Casino to Build 300-Room Hotel Following Approval for Expansion

Since the project received the green light from The Bensalem Township Council, the popular Parx casino and the racing establishment will be getting an expansion – a 300-room, 13-story hotel ready to welcome its visitors right in the heart of where the gambling action takes place.

But before we give you the details surrounding the renovation, a quick introduction is in order.

About Parx Casino PA

Parx Casino PA is one of the largest gambling establishments that combines the excitement of in the style of the unique Kentucky Downs with traditional gambling and nightlife. To locate it, head on over to the northeast of Philadelphia – when you find Bensalem Township in Bucks County, you’ve arrived at the right place.

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A 300-Room, 13-Story Hotel With a Rooftop Restaurant Is in the Making

When the project reaches completion, not only will Parx Casino PA be able to boast an extended accommodation capacity, but it will also be a fine place for socializing and celebrating significant life events and other occasions. Examples include weddings, conventions, meetings, and similar.

The Stage Is Set for 2025

Things are expected to be set in motion soon, and the Parx casino and racing establishment is expected to undergo construction at some point this year. If all goes according to plan, the grand reopening will be in 2025. Luckily, the Bensalem Township Supervisors have unanimously given the project their blessings, so it is unlikely we will stumble into any unexpected setbacks.

The Vision Has Been in the Oven for Well Over a Decade

Allegedly, the idea for the hotel expansion has been in the making for more than ten years. After joining the American Gambling Association’s “Have a Game Plan. Bet Responsibly.” campaign, the 452-acre Parx Casino PA is finally getting a 300-room, 13-story hotel which will further cement the gambling establishment’s market leadership in the area. According to Council Vice President Joseph Pilieri, no other local casino will be able to compete with such an attractive proposition. 

More Than Your Run-of-The-mill Hotel

Michael Meginniss, an attorney representing Parx Casino PA, shared further details that are bound to be of interest to our readers. There will be a magnificent walkway leading up to the hotel and there will be some breathtaking views to take in once you’ve reached the top floor.

On top of that, the visitors will be given plenty of opportunities to tend to their other needs, so expect to find a spa, a fitness center, coffee shops, and restaurants. It’s already out in the open that one of these will be situated on the top floor, while the other will be accessible straight from the lobby.

We’ll leave it to your imagination which one of these has been designed to welcome prestigious guests (260 at once if need be). At the same time, the top floor of the hotel also happens to be where the presidential suite will be accessible.

A Competitive Advantage

Pilieri sees the expanded hotel as a competitive advantage for the gambling establishment. According to him, this is bound to attract more visitors. As for the name, the official representatives claim it’s simply going to be called Parx Casino Hotel. However, the architects will be instructed to live up to the Marriott standard.

An In-house Restaurant Experience

The two in-house restaurants won’t have branding associated with them. John Dixon, COO at Parx Casino PA, revealed that the one in the lobby would have a show kitchen designed to captivate the attention of celebrity chefs as well as other culinary guests, similar to what Caesars Entertainment is doing with its culinary offerings.

A Magnificent Banquet Hall

The first two floors of the renovated building will be occupied by a magnificent banquet hall with the capacity to seat 800 people. It can also be partitioned into multiple smaller spaces fitting for a meeting.

Next to the banquet hall, there will be an event lawn, meaning that the space will lend itself perfectly to an outdoor event as well. Examples include weddings, meetings, banquets, and other types of gatherings. Note that the focus is said to be on regional and local events rather than large national conventions.


Soon, Parx Casino will be joining other Pennsylvania casinos with a hotel, offering quality entertainment and accommodation. If things go well, mark your calendars for a grand re-opening in 2025!


Pennsylvania's Parx Casino to Build 300-Room Hotel Following Approval for Expansion was first seen on Casino Life Magazine