Is an Ecured Loan IVA Right For You?

A ecured loan IVA is a type of debt management plan that helps borrowers recover from massive debts. This type of debt management plan allows the debtor to keep their property while they repay their creditors. This may include motorbikes and caravans. An ecured loan IVA is also beneficial for restoring your credit rating, as it will allow you to make payments until your income reaches a certain amount.

However, you should understand the costs of an IVA before making any decisions. The fees associated with IVA can be high, so people with low debts are not the best candidates. Generally, IVA for secured loans is suitable for debts up to PS10,000. If your debts are higher than this amount, then you won’t be able to qualify for the plan. Therefore, you should consider the costs involved in an ecured loan IVA before making a decision.

Once an IVA has started, your unsecured creditors cannot repossess your property or take legal action to recover their debt. However, they are still permitted to pursue your debt with a court order or by filing for bankruptcy. However, an IVA nominee can apply for an Interim Order to prevent legal action until you and your creditors meet to discuss the terms of your debt management plan. If this is not possible, you can consider hiring a debt management service to help you.

An ecured loan IVA will last no more than six years. This type of debt management plan is smart for people who cannot make regular payments. Though the interest rate is higher than a traditional unsecured loan, you can save up enough money for other necessities by reducing your payments. In addition, an ecured loan IVA will allow you to release the equity in your home, which will make future loan payments more manageable.

Ultimately, a secured loan IVA is not right for everyone. But if your current financial situation prevents you from keeping your current home, this type of debt management may be right for you. It allows you to continue making your monthly payments while preserving your home. But there are disadvantages to secured loan IVAs compared to unsecured loans. In addition, you need to be sure you can repay the debt you have already acquired.

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