Illinois June Sports Gambling Revenue And Handle Numbers Drop Monthly, Increase Year Over Year

Illinois released its latest sports gambling report for June, showing a continuance of a strong year for sports betting operators in the Prairie State.

Illinois sports betting market consists of seven operators in the state, which reported a monthly drop in revenue and betting handle. However, operators in the state showed a year-over-year increase in handle and revenue, according to the Illinois Gaming Board.

The state’s sports betting revenue and handle numbers were again among the top three in the US.

DraftKings was the top Illinois operator in June.

Illinois sports betting revenue and handle show monthly decrease

According to the latest numbers released by the IGB, sportsbook operators in the state reported a handle (total bets) of around $665.8 million in June. The figure is an 18.97% monthly decrease from May’s $821.7 million.

Revenue, however, dropped significantly more. In June, Illinois sports betting revenue was $52.3 million, a 42.8% monthly drop from $91.5 million generated in May.

A monthly drop is typical of this time of the year and can be attributed to a slow professional and college sports calendar.

A closer look at June 2023 numbers

Throughout June, Illinois came in second in the US regarding total betting handle. With a much higher population, New York was again first with nearly $1.17 billion in total bets.

Here’s how June numbers compare to other states:


  1. New York: $1.17 billion
  2. Illinois: $666 million
  3. New Jersey: $591.1 million
  4. Nevada: $479.0 million
  5. Pennsylvania: $373.2 million

As far as revenue is concerned, Illinois ranked third, after New York and New Jersey:


  1. New York: $103.96 million
  2. New Jersey: $66.4 million
  3. Illinois: $52.2 million
  4. Pennsylvania: $33.9 million
  5. Massachusetts: $33.0 million

Illinois sportsbooks profited 1.96 billion all-time.

Illinois sports betting numbers increase year-over-year

Illinois operators reported a yearly growth in sports betting handle of 5.94% in June 2023, compared to June 2022’s $628.46 million.

Illinois revenue is also a 27% increase from June 2022’s $40.98 million.

Sportsbooks in the state produced $8.86 million in tax revenue in June. The figure is a 34.7% increase from June 2022’s $6.58 million.

DraftKings was the No. 1 Illinois operator in June

Throughout June, DraftKings and its licensee, Casino Queen in East St. Louis, led the way collecting more than $232.6 million in betting handle, surpassing $16.3 million in revenue.

Fairmount Park and its online brand FanDuel came in second. The operator reported a handle of $222.3 million, which translated into $21.1 million in revenue.

Rivers Des Plaines and BetRivers were next with $60.6 million in total bets and $5.3 million in revenue.


Source: PlayUSA

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