Entain data reveals British Grand Prix as the ultimate F1 spectacle for fans

As the highly anticipated 2023 British Grand Prix approaches, Entain, the global sports betting, gaming and interactive entertainment group, reveals that Silverstone took the crown of being the most exciting race of the 2022 season, receiving over seven percent of every Formula 1 (F1) race bet from last year. The findings are based on the total number of online bets by Entain customers from each race in the 2022 F1 season.

Looking ahead to this year’s race, anticipation is running high. While Verstappen’s dominance continues to divide the F1 world, other drivers have also shown impressive performances. Alongside Sir Lewis Hamilton, eyes are now on Lando Norris – who battled near the front of the pack in Austria last week – and fellow Brits George Russell and Alex Albon, who have the opportunity to create moments of excitement for home fans in the stands this weekend.

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According to Entain data, the top five most exciting races and drivers backed to win them in 2022 were as follows:

GP Great Britain: This unique race garnered the highest percentage of online bets, representing seven percent of the total online bets placed during the season. The British Grand Prix at Silverstone has consistently been a fan favourite, renowned for its rich history, iconic circuit, and passionate spectators. Hamilton fans blew the other drivers out of the water as over 27 percent of online bets on the race were on the seven-time world champion to take the trophy in the 2022 British Grand Prix.

GP Saudi Arabia: The inaugural race in Saudi Arabia captivated F1 fans and accounted for six percent of the total online bets placed. The allure of a new street circuit and a first F1 event in Saudi Arabia clearly grabbed attention. Hamilton’s loyal fan base continued to back him, amounting for 20 percent of overall online bets.

GP Bahrain: The excitement generated by the Bahrain Grand Prix was evident, as it accounted for six percent of the total online bets. As the first race of the season, the circuit has ample opportunities for overtaking, accompanied by unique challenges for the drivers navigating the unpredictable winds and racing under floodlights. Hamilton fans come out in force to kick off the season, where he amounted for 26 percent of total online bets, in front of rival Max Verstappen (over 19 percent).

GP Monaco: The iconic street circuit of Monaco accounted for six percent of the total online bets, solidifying its status as a fan-favourite event. The narrow streets, challenging corners, and glamorous atmosphere create a unique and captivating spectacle that captures the imagination of fans worldwide. Despite local lad Charles Leclerc taking part, Verstappen received the most online bets to win the race (21 percent).

GP Italy: The Italian Grand Prix rounded off the top five, representing six percent of the total online bets placed and showcasing the passion for F1 in Italy. The legendary Monza circuit is known for its high-speed straights and passionate tifosi, which always guarantee thrilling races and intense rivalries. Verstappen also topped the leader board for Monza, with 27 percent of online bets backing him to win.

Silverstone delivered the epitome of racing excitement on a global scale in 2022, captivating the attention of bettors worldwide. However, the data also reveals an extraordinary surge of patriotism among fans. Delving into the preferences of UK F1 fans, over a third of them of them placed their unwavering faith in Sir Lewis Hamilton to cross the checkered flag first and take the highest step on the podium.

With the introduction of more sprint races and F1’s inaugural race in the home of entertainment, Las Vegas, F1 fans have even more moments of excitement to look forward to. How will these reflect 2023’s most popular and most-bet-on races?

Dominic Grounsell, chief commercial officer of Entain comments: “The 2022 F1 season was packed with exhilarating races. Silverstone’s position as the most exciting race is a testament to the unique blend of history, intensity and passionate support that makes the British Grand Prix an unmissable event for fans worldwide.”

*** This exclusive feature  was originally Published in Sports Betting Operator Magazine in July 2023 ***

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