A beginner’s guide to pay by mobile casinos in the UK

There are so many different ways to pay money into your gambling account these days. Gone are the days when you would just have to use your debit card or credit card to deposit money.

Instead, we can take advantage of a lot of different options, such as mobile payment platforms like Apple Pay and Google Pay, or even put money into the account using PayPal or other financial providers.

Some of the gambling companies out there allow you to pay using more modern and niche methods, such as paying using crypto and paying by mobile casino. So, what does payment by mobile at an online casino actually mean? How does it work and when does the money get billed?

How can I play online slots and pay by mobile?

Pay by mobile is different from paying using an e-wallet. While a lot of us use methods like Apple Pay, these are directly linked to our bank account. Pay by mobile, on the other hand, uses a method that verifies your mobile account and charges your mobile phone bill. This means that when you get your next bill on your contract, the charge will appear.

How to deposit with pay by mobile

To deposit with pay by mobile, you need to first make sure you are using one of the many casinos that allows you to do so.

Next, choose the pay by mobile option on the deposit page of your chosen casino. It is normally as simple as entering your phone number and then verifying that you are who you say you are, by replying to a text on your phone.

Pros of paying with pay by mobile

There are a number of pros to paying with mobile. It can give you an extra level of security and peace of mind. Though data breaches and security issues are rare at online casinos, they do happen. By depositing using your mobile phone, you are avoiding having to give bank details to another company.

You already have a secure contract with your mobile phone provider and you can use this to ensure that you have money deposited into your account. It is also quick and easy to move money around this way.

Tips for finding the best pay by mobile casinos to play slots

You shouldn’t settle for just any company that is willing to let you pay by mobile – you need to make sure they have the sort of features you are looking for. So how do you choose the right mobile casino for you?

Game offering

Firstly, make sure that the casino in question has a good selection of games, including the games you prefer. If you are just looking to play some slot games then it doesn’t really matter how many table games the casino has. Choose based on what kind of games appeal to you. It is always nice to have plenty of choice, of course.

User experience

We’ve all used websites that are clunky, difficult and annoying. The site you deposit your money with should be simple to use, with a slick user interface. Nobody wants to use a site that is slow and hard to navigate, so a site that has a good UI will make all the difference.

Licensing & Security

Legislation is really important in the world of casino games and it helps to keep us protected. A part of this is the licensing and security of a website. Check that the casino you are going to use complies with legislation and is registered with the relevant gambling commissions and authorities.

Bonuses & promotions

The bonuses and promotions that are on offer are always likely to play a part in your decision. You should make sure that you shop around before you sign up to see what kinds of promotions are out there for you.

Bonuses may come in the form of free spins or free bet tokens. Some casinos have specific loyalty programs and other ways to reward their players, so there are plenty of opportunities to make the most of your deposits.

Customer support

Customer support makes all the difference if you have any problems or need to contact the casino. It is nice to know that there is an option to talk to someone if you have an issue. A lot of casinos offer helplines and even 24/7 support in some instances.

Our top picks

We’ll move on to some top picks to discover if you are ready to do your research on the top pay by mobile casino options:

  • Mr Vegas. Mr Vegas has a wide range of games and is specifically known for slot games and some great casino offerings. You probably couldn’t call a site Mr Vegas and not give a Las Vegas feel to your interface. It also has a 100% deposit bonus as well as free spins when you sign up.
  • Rainbow Riches. This is another option if you are looking to play lots of different slot games. As well as many different options, there are 30 free spins if you sign up and play with £10 or more. Of course, the option to pay by mobile might swing things for some players.
  • Mr Q. Another casino that offers you free spins when you sign up and make a deposit. You get 30 free spins when you place a deposit and play but you also get five no-deposit free spins, so you can have a go at some of the slots without having to put any money at all in the account. It’s another strong option for casino lovers who want to pay by mobile.


There are loads of different options for sites to gamble with but only certain gambling companies allow you to gamble using a pay by mobile option. It is worth evaluating your options and choosing the company that best suits your needs. Remember to always gamble responsibly and to bet only what you can afford to lose.



A beginner's guide to pay by mobile casinos in the UK was first seen on Casino Life Magazine