What Is Equita Limited?


Equita Limited is a debt collection firm that works with local authorities to recover unpaid debts. This includes Council Tax, Business Rates, Parking Penalty Charges Notices and Unpaid Rent Arrears. The company also provides alternative asset management services.

Equita Limited is a member of the British Parking Association and the Civil Enforcement Association. Its clients include hundreds of local councils.

When it comes to collecting debt, the company uses a number of different tactics to get the job done. These include sending letters, calling the debtor and announcing an enforcement action. If the customer does not repay the debt, the company can request a County Court Judgement (CCJ).

While the debtor may not be aware that they are being pursued by the company, the company will still use all of its resources to ensure that it is successful in collecting the money owed. Often, a payment plan can be worked out with the debtor. However, if the payments are not made, the company can cancel the plan. Regardless, a CCJ will stay on the credit report for six years. Consequently, if you have a County Court Judgement, you might have difficulty securing financing.

Equita has a large network of offices that help to provide quick and efficient service. They can visit your property, or they can send an agent to you. But before you let an agent into your home, you need to give them the necessary information. You can do this by contacting Equita through their website or by phone.

Equita has been in the debt collection business for a long time. As a result, it has a good hold on the market. In addition, it has a strong hold on technology. Using their online portal, the company allows you to make a payment in a simple and convenient manner.

Equita is a member of the Credit Services Association, the largest regulatory body in the UK for debt buying and collecting. As such, it is committed to keeping its standards high and maintaining a positive reputation. Whether the debt is with a private or public company, the company will collect the money owed.

Equita works closely with its debtors, helping them to set up a payment plan. It can also offer advice. For example, it can discuss the options for paying the debt in installments, or it can offer a plan that requires a single payment. A bailiff may also visit your property to collect a payment.

An agent is not allowed to enter the home unless a homeowner opens the door. Additionally, it is illegal to enter through a window. Nevertheless, if a bailiff arrives, they must inform the debtor of their presence. Alternatively, the agency can contact the police to help protect the victim.

If an agent does enter the house, the owner can choose to refuse access. If the owner does not respond, the agency can take possession of goods in the property. Afterwards, the owner can ask the agent to leave the house.

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