What Does Walker Love Do?

Walker Love is an organisation that works to recover debts from consumers and businesses. The company has a variety of clients, including utility companies, local and national government bodies, and individuals. Some of the types of debts they collect include consumer debts and business rate arrears. Depending on your circumstances, a Walker Love debt collection agency may be the best option for you.

A Walker Love Sheriff Officer can visit your home to collect a debt, council tax, business rates, and even benefit overpayments. You may be required to give the officer proper identification, and they can use reasonable force to get into your home. If you refuse, you can be charged with obstructing a court officer and breach of the peace.

It is important to note that Walker Love is a legitimate firm and works across Scotland and Europe. Its debt collection services are performed by the company’s debt collection arm, W L Recoveries Limited, which is registered with Companies House under reference number SC084578. You can also search for the firm’s name on the Scottish Money Services Organisation (SMASO).

Once you have been served with a County Court Judgment for an outstanding debt, Walker Love can pursue it in order to recover the debt. They will also apply for a court order to force the debtor to pay. If the debtor does not pay the debt within 14 days, they can apply for an exceptional order for attachment.

If you are employed, Walker Love may instruct your employer to deduct the money from your salary. This means you may be unable to pay your bills, as you will not have access to cash. You may still be able to apply for a time to pay order or a debt payment programme to help you repay the debt.

If you are behind on your council tax, a summary warrant can be issued to force you to pay the debt. A summary warrant will detail the amount and contact information of the person who must make payment. It will also include a ten percent penalty charge. However, the best option for you will depend on your individual circumstances.

If you are unable to pay your debts, Walker Love can seize your property and freeze your bank account. This way, they will not be able to sell it to cover your debt. If this happens, Walker Love may be able to sell the goods you have seized to someone else. Just be sure to get your money back before they sell the property.

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