What Are Bailiffs From Bristow & Sutor?

The bailiffs from Bristow & SutOr will make a detailed inventory of your belongings and will estimate their value. They can include this inventory on the Controlled Goods Agreement or Notice After Entry. The information that is included on this inventory must be accurate and complete.


Bailiffs for Bristow n Sutor are enforcement agents that work in England and Wales. They collect council tax, non-domestic rates, and penalty charge notices on behalf of local authorities. They also collect sundry debts through their associated debt collection agency. These agents are regulated by the Ministry of Justice.

Bailiffs for Bristow n Sutor have the authority to seize assets to recover unpaid debts. They are members of the Civil Enforcement Association (CIVEA) and are required to adhere to a strict code of conduct. Bailiffs for Bristow n Sutor also have a duty to act professionally and in accordance with the law.

Bailiffs for Bristow n Sutor must give you at least seven days’ notice before entering your property. You have the right to refuse to let them into your home or business. If you do not open the door, the bailiffs can take possession of your possessions. They can also sell them to pay off your debts. However, if the property belongs to someone under 18 or to a vulnerable person, the bailiffs cannot seize it.

Debt collectors

Bristow & Sutor are debt collectors who specialise in the collection of council tax debt. As members of the Civil Enforcement Association, they must follow a strict code of conduct and deal with vulnerable debtors in particular ways. When they approach a debtor for payment, they will normally ask to see the debtor’s property.

Bristow & Sutor have been providing debt collection services to the public for over 30 years. Their focus is primarily on council tax, penalty charge notices and non-domestic rates debts. They have a reputation for high-quality service, and have been around for decades.

If you are in arrears with Bristow and Sutor, you should contact the Financial Ombudsman immediately. The company’s regulations prohibit it from lying about its services, so if you are suspicious about their methods, you should call the police immediately.

Enforcement agents

Enforcement agents from Bristow & Sutor are authorised by the court to enter a person’s home to collect a debt. This is possible when the homeowner has not locked the door or when the home is unoccupied. These agents are trained to operate to the highest standards and are legally bound by the CIVEA Code of Practice. They are also required to give you a seven-day warning before they visit.

Bristow & Sutor Enforcement Agents work on behalf of over 120 local authorities to collect unpaid council tax and non-domestic rates debt. When a debtor fails to make payments, the council can apply to a Magistrates’ Court for a legal demand for payment. In some cases, enforcement agents will contact the debtor to discuss repayment options. They may also seize a person’s property if they are unable to negotiate a settlement with the debtor.


Bristow & Suton is an Enforcement Agent. The company was founded in 1979 and works with over 140 Local Government Authorities to provide debt collection and enforcement services. The company has developed a strategic action plan to ensure fair and lawful enforcement of debts.

Bailiffs from Bristow & Sutor can visit your home or place of business to recover debts owed by you. However, they can only do this after gaining permission to do so. Before the bailiffs arrive, you must provide them with the necessary information.

Bristow & Sutor is a UK-based Enforcement Agent. It is a member of the Credit Services Association, the Institute of Revenues Rating and Valuation and the Civil Enforcement Association. The company also collects debts on behalf of local authorities and businesses. Its debt collection services include council tax, non-domestic rates, and Penalty Charge Notices.


If you have a debt that you are unable to pay, you can take advantage of Bristow and Sutor’s debt collection services. They will arrange a public auction of your assets and use the proceeds to repay the debt. The advisory team at Bristow and Sutor can give you helpful information about the debt collection process.

They also have the power to apply for a CCJ (county court judgment) on your behalf. This means they can sue you if you fail to make your monthly payments. This means that you could be hit with up to 51 weeks in jail and/or PS2500 fine.

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