Stirling Park is a Highly Valued Conservation Site

During the 1980s, Stirling Park was considered as a potential site for a new Prime Ministerial residence. The park was once a site of workers cottages. Some evidence of these cottages still remains. There is also evidence of Indigenous use of the site. This includes scarred trees and stone arrangements. There are also brooks, swamps, and forests. It has an abundance of native animals and plants. It is highly valued as a conservation site.

The park’s location is on the best agricultural soils in south-east Australia. Its open grassy areas are excellent for wildlife viewing. During Spring, you can see the Hoary Sunrays, grassy wildflowers, and Bulbine Lilies. In early summer, you may see bush peas. You can enjoy the park year round. It is home to many significant indigenous sites.

Stirling Park is a highly valued conservation site and has a lot of conservation value. The park has been inhabited by indigenous people for thousands of years. The park is currently home to a number of endangered plant species. It is also a popular place for tourists. It is also known for its cultural links to early Canberra history.

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