Marston Holdings

Marston Holdings

Founded in 1896, Marston Holdings is one of the UK’s largest judicial services and is an enforcement agent that works on behalf of both the public and private sectors. It offers debt recovery, debt management and judicial services to a variety of clients. The company is also the largest provider of integrated transport solutions in the UK.

The company’s services are delivered through a portfolio of brands that specialise in their own sectors. These include Marston Group, Engage, and Marston Holdings Debt Recovery. These companies work collaboratively to deliver a range of integrated solutions.

Marston Holdings offers corporate debt recovery services and traffic enforcement. It also provides clean air zones and streetscape design services. The company’s technology division, Engage, specialises in electrical vehicle charging and field services. The company’s other divisions include Vortex IoT Limited, which is a supplier of data solutions and environmental monitoring solutions. Its latest acquisition is Videalert, a company that specialises in pollution reduction.

Marston Holdings provides debt recovery and enforcement services to local authorities, county court judgments (CCJs), County Court Judgements (CCJs), High Court Judgements, bankruptcy orders and unpaid invoices due to small businesses. They also provide services to 203 councils in England and Wales. The company also works on behalf of the HM Revenue and Customs.

Marston Holdings’ debt recovery services are available nationwide. The company claims to complete the debt recovery process in less than 14 days in more than 90% of cases. However, the company does charge for the services it provides. They may also charge for writing to you, for sending bailiffs to your home or for taking and selling personal items. Generally, the charges will fall to the debtor.

The company’s debt recovery services include the ‘Transfer Up’ service, which transfers the CCJ to a High Court Writ. The process usually takes 28 days. During the process, the bailiffs visit the debtor’s home to recover payments. If the debtor fails to make payments, the bailiffs can repossess the home’s assets to settle the debt. The bailiffs also sell the home’s valuables at auction. The money raised is used to pay for the debt. The Marston Holdings team also provides a free debt advice service.

The company also works with local authorities to enforce squatter removals and County Court Judgements. It also provides traffic enforcement services, including cycle lane monitoring through ANPR technology. Marston Holdings has a large network of enforcement agents, which works with over 280 local authorities throughout the UK. Marston Holdings also has an extensive network of self-employed agents. The company also has substantial teams of finance professionals in all areas of finance.

The company has more than 1,000 enforcement agents in its network. These agents are experienced and skilled at recovering debt. They work with more than 280 local authorities, and are renowned for their expertise. The company’s debt recovery services are used by over 200,000 people every year. Marston Holdings also provides debt management services to a variety of government departments, including the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA). Marston Holdings has over 2,000 staff in its judicial services division.

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