Jacobs Enforcement – A Review of Jacobs Enforcement’s Debt Collection Services

Jacobs Enforcement

Jacobs Enforcement is a UK-based debt collection company that has over 57 years of experience. The company works with over 157 local authorities across England and Wales to recover debts and rent arrears. Its agents focus on client retention and target achievement. Jacobs also offers a range of additional services to help their clients.

The company is required to follow a strict code of conduct. Despite this, many of their agents appear to use intimidation and force to collect debts. They are typically male and tall, and attempt to command authority through their voice. It is important to realize that debt collection companies are only interested in collecting debts, and do not care about the welfare of the debtor.

Jacobs’ debt collection process often begins with letters sent to the debtor’s home or business address. The company will also bombard the debtor’s mobile phone with calls. These calls may come from different numbers, including local numbers. Field agents may also make home visits. These visits are emotionally and mentally draining for both the debtor and his family.

While Jacobs Enforcement may not have legal entry rights to enter a property, they can visit premises to collect a debt. They can visit the premises between 6am and 9pm, but enforcement should not take place on a Sunday, Good Friday, or Christmas Day. However, they do have the right to stay until the debt has been paid.

Debt collection agencies do not have the authority to send debtors to prison, although they can send doorstep collectors to their homes. They also have the right to obtain a County Court Judgement against the debtor and put the County Court Judgement on the debtor’s credit report. If they do not get the debtor’s payments within a reasonable time, Jacobs Enforcement may seize the debtor’s property. This can lead to bankruptcy.

Debt collectors are common, but you can avoid them by asking for a copy of the credit agreement. You can also report debt collectors to the Better Business Bureau. This way, they can be held accountable for harassing you. You can also take advantage of a debt relief program to reduce the debt collector’s collection timeframe.

Debt collectors are often intimidating, especially when they are aggressive. Jacobs management is always there to help and gives employees excellent training. The company provides support services that are free of charge. The company encourages employees to push themselves to the limit to achieve their potential. By using a debt solution, you can keep the Jacobs bailiffs off your back, and even have some of your debt written off.

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