How to Stop Harassment From DCBL Bailiffs

DCBL Bailiffs

If you are a victim of harassment from DCBL Bailiffs, you can complain and take action. You can also use a free letter template to file your complaint. Many collection agencies stray from the rules, and the bailiffs are known to use illegal practices. It’s always best to file a complaint, and you can find a sample letter in our resource centre. Moreover, some collection agencies award commission or bonuses to the call centre staff. Finally, you should also be aware of aggressive collection agents who might threaten or bully you.

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If you have a debt problem, you may be considering getting your possessions taken away by a debt collection agency, such as DCBL Bailiffs. These companies apply too much pressure and bully debtors into making payments. You may also be bombarded with constant phone calls. It’s easy to feel helpless and even consider suicide if you are constantly receiving calls from DCBL Bailiffs. Fortunately, there are several ways to stop the harassment and stress they cause.

The best way to stop a debt collection agency’s harassment is to pay off the debt in full or arrange a reasonable payment plan. However, burying your head in the sand will only make matters worse. Thankfully, there are ways to avoid being visited by a bailiff. One option is an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) if the debt is over PS5,000.


If you are receiving calls from DCBL bailiffs, you are probably not alone. Debt collection companies are notorious for their questionable tactics, including harassment, pressure, and bullying. DCBL bailiffs may also make numerous phone calls and threaten bankruptcy. While you should try to avoid these tactics, they may make your situation worse. Here are some ways to prevent them from bullying you and make your life easier. Let’s start with the most common DCBL tactics.

If you are struggling to pay your debt, DCBL bailiffs can use force to evict you or enter your home without warning. Although you are supposed to be given at least seven days notice before bailiffs visit your home, they may still attempt to use bullying tactics. These tactics may include taking your property or your belongings, selling them at auction, or even threatening you with arrest. Ultimately, this type of behavior can be very debilitating.

Excessive pressure

In an effort to recover outstanding debts from judgment debtors, DCBL bailiffs have been subjected to a series of high profile court cases. This series, entitled “Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It Away,” features the company’s bailiffs, who often appear on television shows. Despite their media blitz, the company has been hit by criticism.

Often, the DCBL employs a good cop, bad cop routine. Whether they’re aggressive or friendly, they may make you feel uncomfortable. DCBL employees are supposed to be friendly, but they may turn aggressive if you reject them. Furthermore, they may be breaking privacy laws. They are not permitted to disclose your debt details or the event that led to it. If you can’t afford to deal with the harassment, DCBL bailiffs shouldn’t call your family and colleagues.

While the DCBL has an obligation to collect your debts, it’s your right to refuse to pay them. However, DCBL bailiffs have no right to enter your home without your permission or a court order. They can only enter your home if you give them a letter and prove that you owe the money. Doing so could result in criminal charges, and you may want to contact a debt solution agency.


When you’re being harassed by DCBL Bailiffs, it can feel like a war zone. Debt collectors often employ questionable tactics, including frequent phone calls and bullying. If you’re being harassed, it’s time to take action. There are many ways to get back at DCBL, including filing a complaint and obtaining a free letter template.

Don’t give in to pressure. Avoid DCBL Bailiffs. They use the “good cop, bad cop” routine to get you to pay. While DCBL Bailiffs are supposed to be friendly, rejecting them may turn them hostile. Be aware of DCBL’s responsibilities to protect your privacy. DCBL is not allowed to disclose information about your debt or the event it occurred. Also, don’t give DCBL permission to contact family or work.

If you think you are being victimised by DCBL bailiffs, it’s important to remember that you’re not the only one who will be affected. If you’re being harassed by DCBL bailiffs, you can file a complaint with your creditor and request that the bailiffs stop visiting you. If the DCBL bailiffs continue to visit and write to you, it’s worth contacting the Trades Union to report the issue.

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