How Does Equita Work?


With over 140 years in enforcement, Equita provides a comprehensive debt recovery service for local authorities. With a network of local offices and a Northampton admin hub, the company is able to work closely with clients to provide a fast, effective service. This allows local authorities to focus their attention on what matters most – recovering the money owed.

When debtors fail to make payments on their accounts, Equita will send letters or attempt to contact them via phone. They may ask for full payment or set up a payment plan. If you cannot pay your debt, the company may send bailiffs to your home and seize goods. If you cannot pay your debt, you may be charged a fee for this.

If you have debts with Equita, you can expect a bailiff to visit your home. A bailiff must give you a prior notice at least 7 days before the first visit. You are not required to open your door during this time – this is known as the compliance stage. However, if you don’t receive a prior notice and do not pay, the bailiff will visit you.

Equita provides debt recovery services for local authorities and private companies across England. Its network of local offices means it can be close to clients and provide a fast, efficient service. It has over 1000 people, including specialist debt collectors and high court enforcement. It works with many sectors and recovers debts on behalf of over 200 local authorities.

Equita’s bailiffs are armed with tools that allow them to prove that you owe debt. They may even be able to prove that your debt is higher than you initially thought. If you’re not able to pay, Equita bailiffs will take your money in exchange for proof of your debt. They may also be able to write off the debt completely. This may make your debt much more manageable for you.

In addition to its educational program, Equita also offers a network of target buyers and pre-screened mentors. It also provides a collaborative workspace and concierge services for entrepreneurs. As part of its mission to empower women entrepreneurs, the organization also supports its members to succeed and offer the best service possible to their clients. Furthermore, it supports diversity and inclusion by partnering with the GW Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. If you are interested in learning more about this innovative and dynamic organization, consider joining the Equita Accelerator.

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