Equita – A Review of the Italian Investment Bank


Founded in 1973, Equita is one of the leading independent investment banks in Italy, specializing in market making and Directional Trading activities. They have an impressive network of over 5,000 branches and manage long-lasting relationships with over 400 institutional clients. They also have a Research Lab in Capital Markets, which is devoted to applied research and development. It is a part of the BAFFI CAREFIN Research Center at Bocconi University. Equita’s research is conducted in collaboration with Bocconi University and is aimed at answering the growing demand for applied research.

Equita works in many sectors, including investment banking, sales and trading, and debt recovery. The company’s debt collection services cover a variety of areas, including Business Rates, Parking Penalty Charges Notices, Unpaid rent arrears, and Council Tax. Depending on the debt, the company may attempt to take the debtor to court, or it may discuss payment plans with the debtor. Depending on the case, they may call the debtor by text message or call them on the relevant phone number.

Equita debt collectors can also issue a County Court Judgement (CCJ). This will appear on the debtor’s credit report, and will make it harder for them to obtain credit in the future. It will also stay on the credit report for six years. If the debt is not paid, it can affect the credit rating of the debtor, and it will make it more difficult for them to get a mortgage or loan.

Equita’s debt collection service includes a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that allows them to track their debt portfolios and to ensure that money is collected. They also have a website that is aimed at taking payments for debt.

The company has been in the debt collection industry for a while, and they have worked with hundreds of clients, including private companies and local authorities. They have a network of over 5,000 branches, and have handled millions of customer contacts annually. Equita also manages long-term relationships with 80 banking clients. They have an independent compliance department, and will investigate any complaints.

They also have a network of offices across the UK. This allows Equita to be closer to their clients, and to provide them with a fast service. In addition, they have a central admin hub in Northampton.

Equita debt collectors can take goods to pay for their debts, and they can also issue a CCJ. These are both fair practices, and they are generally a legitimate way of recovering money from people. However, they can also be unfair. This can affect the credit rating of the debtor, as well as cause stress.

Equita has a team of bailiffs that can visit the home of a debtor if their payments are not made. The company charges a fixed fee, plus 7.5% of the balance of the debt. The company must give the debtor seven days’ notice before an enforcement visit. They are allowed to enter the property through the door or window, but cannot enter through a non-existent opening. In addition, they cannot visit the property on Christmas Day, Good Friday, or Sunday.

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