Dukes Bailiffs – What to Expect From a Dukes Collection Agency

Dukes Bailiffs

Dukes is one of the largest debt collection agencies in the UK with enforcement agents across the country. They can help you recover local taxation arrears, commercial rent arrears, and more. They can also foreclose on commercial leases and remove trespassers from your land. They can even take debts all the way up to the high court. In addition to pursuing your debts, Dukes can also provide a range of other services.

You should be aware of the fees involved when hiring a bailiff. The fees are set out in the Taking Control of Goods (Fees) Regulations. The regulations outline the costs of different types of bailiff action. Depending on the bailiff, you may need to pay fees at the start of each stage. Moreover, you can expect the bailiff to visit your property more than once throughout the enforcement.

Even though you may be intimidated by a bailiff, there are ways to approach them and discuss your options. You can ask them to stop the collection action if you can pay in full. If you cannot afford to pay, you can also try to make an offer of settling your debt before the bailiffs arrive.

If you fail to pay a debt, you can expect a visit from a Dukes bailiff. The bailiff will have to give you at least 7 days notice of their first visit to your home. This period is known as the compliance stage. The bailiff can enter your home through a door or window to seize your possessions. The fees associated with this process are PS235 for each visit.

Dukes Bailiffs Ltd is a debt collection agency in the UK. They have enforcement agents across the country who collect debts for their clients. Typical debts that Dukes collect are local taxation arrears, commercial rent arrears, and penalty charge notices. If you fail to pay, they can even issue a County Court Judgement, which can result in a hefty court bill.

Dukes Bailiffs Limited are privately owned, family-run, and have 25 years of experience in debt collection. Most of their clients are Local Authorities, which is their core business. Whether your debt is large or small, Dukes Bailiffs are here to help. They can even assist in tenant evictions. When you’re faced with a debt collector, remember that you have the right to speak to someone else before making a final decision.

Dukes Bailiffs also offers a live chat service. You can find it halfway down their home page. The icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the page will direct you to an agent who is available to talk to you. By leveraging the data from this tool, you can get more information on your debtor’s financial situation, and improve your chances of recovery.

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