Dukes Bailiffs Review

Dukes Bailiffs

Dukes is a leading debt collection agency in the UK with enforcement agents based across the country. These agents collect local taxation debts, recover commercial rent arrears, forfeit commercial leases, remove trespassers from land and enforce debts transferred to the high court. As the UK’s leading debt collection agency, Dukes is well-known for achieving outstanding debts and preventing them from escalating.

When you are unable to pay your debts, Dukes Bailiffs may repossess your property. These agents will visit your home and take an inventory of your belongings, comparing them to their actual value. They will then auction off the most valuable items to satisfy your debt. In some cases, you may find multiple debts on your credit history, in which case Dukes Bailiffs may charge you a fee for multiple letters.

Dukes Bailiffs Ltd can visit your property anytime between 6am and 9pm, however, they cannot visit on Sundays, Good Friday, or Christmas Day. The bailiffs can also add additional fees and move the case to enforcement if you do not pay on time. If you can’t afford to pay your debts, you may be forced to file for bankruptcy and risk losing your home.

If you are in serious financial trouble, you should try to make a payment plan before the bailiffs arrive. While debt collectors may be intimidating, you can talk to them and work out a repayment plan. Remember, debt collection companies are only interested in money and should not be allowed to take advantage of people in need.

The industry of debt collection is huge. There are many different types of debt collection agencies – some are independent and others are part of the original creditor, bank or credit card company. Others work as sole traders. Despite the new legislation, there are still many problems with debt collectors. If you feel harassed by a debt collector, you can report them to the OFT. The OFT can even revoke their license.

Dukes Bailiffs Limited is a private enforcement company that collects unpaid invoices and rent arrears in communities throughout England. This family-run company has been in business since 1993. It claims to be one of the UK’s leading enforcement agencies. It specializes in private and public sector debt recovery, evictions and Traveller eviction.

Dukes’ commitment to transparency helps it distinguish itself from the competition. It also provides clients with custom performance reports. Previously, the company delivered monthly pdf snapshot reports. The company realised that its clients would benefit from a more detailed report. To achieve this, Dukes designed Certus – a system powered by Destin Solutions.

You can protect your car from bailiffs by keeping it locked away or by storing it at a safe place. Bailiffs can remove a car, but only if they can prove it is legally yours. For example, if you are under a hire purchase agreement, you cannot allow bailiffs access to your car.

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