Dukes Bailiffs Review

Dukes Bailiffs

Founded in 1993, Dukes Bailiffs Limited is a family run business that offers an array of enforcement services to both private and public companies. These include trespasser removal, unpaid invoice recovery and high court enforcement. Located throughout the UK, the company’s agents work to collect commercial rent arrears, local taxation debts and penalty charge notices. They are also authorised by the Ministry of Justice to enforce High Court Judgements.

They also have an independent compliance department. They can create bespoke reports which are useful for internal and external use. The reports can be used to assess performance and identify areas for improvement. A Dukes report can also be used to help develop intelligent collection strategies.

They offer a number of services to clients including evictions, high court enforcement, trespasser removal and traveller evictions. They are also experts in the recovery of Parking Charge Notices. As well as this, they provide their customers with an online complaint form. They also have a live chat icon.

If you are a business, the Dukes team can visit your premises to take possession of any items you have stored that are owed money. This can include pubs, clubs and other business premises. They can then sell these items to settle the debt. They can also cancel a repayment plan if you fail to meet the agreed payments. They may also charge disbursement costs. These cover the cost of hiring locksmiths, auctioneer’s fees and advertising.

Dukes Bailiffs can also enter your home to enforce a County Court Judgement. They can do this if the judge has issued a Liability Order. The letter sent by Dukes Bailiffs will state the total amount you owe, the deadline for paying it and the details of the action. If you receive a “Notice of Enforcement” you will have 7 days to respond. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulates Dukes Bailiffs and can revoke their licence if they fail to comply with the law.

A Dukes enforcement agent can visit your home multiple times during enforcement. This can cause problems for some people. They might be intimidated by the bailiffs and feel trapped. Some have even contemplated suicide. Often, this is due to mental health issues. If you are worried about your finances, you can contact the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) for advice.

You can also negotiate with a bailiff to set up a payment arrangement. However, this can increase your costs. In addition, you might have to pay a fee to the bailiff for visiting your home. These are outlined in the Taking Control of Goods (Fees) Regulations. These outline the fees for bailiffs.

If you have a large amount of debts, you might not be able to afford to pay them all off. If this is the case, you can contact Dukes to negotiate a repayment plan that you can afford. This can help you to stop further action. If you do not agree to the repayment plan, you can ask the bailiff to cancel the payment plan.

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