Dukes Bailiffs – How They Can Help You

Dukes Bailiffs

Dukes is one of the leading debt collection agencies in the UK with enforcement agents throughout the country. They help businesses and homeowners recover local taxation debts and commercial rent arrears, foreclose on trespassers, and enforce debts transferred to the high court. Whether your business is small or large, Dukes can help you.

If you’re having trouble making repayments, you can negotiate a repayment plan. However, if you don’t have the money to make a full repayment, the bailiffs can cancel the payment plan and charge you additional fees. If you’re unable to pay, the bailiffs can take your case to enforcement and start collection proceedings.

A Dukes bailiff will visit your home if you haven’t paid your debts. The company must give you 7 days’ notice before they visit. They can enter your home through a door or window, and may even take items from outside the home. The company charges PS235 per enforcement visit.

A debt collector may contact you by phone or mail. The letter should detail the amount of money owed, penalty charges, and a deadline to pay. If you don’t make the payment, the bailiff will contact your home and seize your property. If you don’t make the payments, the bailiffs may also file a County Court Judgement. If you don’t pay your debts in a timely manner, the bailiffs can threaten you with bankruptcy.

To avoid an eviction by a bailiff, you should be able to negotiate with your bailiff. The fees charged by a bailiff are determined by the Taking Control of Goods (Fees) Regulations. If you are unable to meet the payment terms, you can try negotiating a payment plan with your bailiff.

Dukes has implemented Certus, a software that helps clients monitor the progress of their cases. It also provides the information that helps local authorities better manage their cases. Dukes has also implemented Destin Solutions’ Financial Insight, a reporting platform for a comprehensive analysis of the financial condition of a business. This system provides detailed financial and credit data to assist Local Authorities in recovery strategies.

Dukes Bailiffs may charge you a compliance fee for letters. These fees cover the costs of storing goods that are being seized. It also pays for locksmiths, advertising, and auctioneers’ fees. The fees can be added to your debt and are a part of the legal process for getting your property back.

While you may want to avoid paying the fees, you can park your vehicle on private land or in a neighbour’s driveway. However, this method is not recommended as you will not have legal access to your vehicle. If you do not want your car taken, you can park it on private property and avoid the bailiffs’ attention. But if you do, you may end up with a Controlled Goods Agreement.

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