Dukes Bailiffs

Dukes Bailiffs

During the past 25 years, Dukes Bailiffs Limited has become one of the leading providers of debt enforcement services in the UK. The company focuses on private sector recovery, public sector recovery and high court enforcement. Founded in 1993, Dukes has grown into a family business that provides services to local authorities, private companies and individuals. They have a wide range of services including eviction of travellers, recovery of commercial rent arrears, recovery of unpaid rates and parking charge notices, as well as collecting penalty charge notices.

Dukes Bailiffs are authorised to collect debts from local authorities, private companies, credit card companies and other organisations. Dukes is licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to carry out this work. The FCA regulates the debt collection industry, and fines Dukes Bailiffs if they are not carrying out their work in accordance with the law. The FCA also can revoke the company’s authorization. If you are having difficulties paying your debts, you should contact the FCA, who can advise you on your options.

Dukes Bailiffs are not allowed to attend your home on Sundays or bank holidays. However, they are allowed to enter your home if you have received a County Court Order or a High Court Order. If you are unable to pay your debts, you may receive a letter from the company advising you that they plan to visit your home. The letter will state the total amount owed, a deadline for payment and any penalties. The letter will also indicate whether or not the Dukes Bailiffs plan to enter your home to take possession of your property.

Dukes Bailiffs can take your property, and sell the items to pay off your debt. The company may also charge you for disbursement costs, which are costs associated with the removal of goods from your home, and the costs of storage after the removal. Disbursement costs cover the costs of locksmiths, advertising and storage. If you fail to pay your debts, the company can cancel your payment plan. Dukes can also offer you a repayment plan, which will allow you to pay the debt in installments. If you do not make payment on the agreed date, the company can cancel the plan and take further action.

Dukes Bailiffs Limited offers many services to their customers, and each one is designed to meet the needs of individual clients. The company’s online complaint form allows you to report the company if you believe they are conducting an unfair collection activity. You can also submit a complaint to the company about their fees. The company’s compliance department is independent and will investigate every complaint.

Dukes Bailiffs are one of the most aggressive debt collectors in the UK, and some debtors have suffered mental health problems as a result of their behaviour. If you have been harassed by Dukes, it is important to seek help before taking further action. You may also be able to contact the Financial Ombudsman Service to assist you with your debts. The FOS can also advise you on how to draft an agreement.

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