Dukes Bailiffs

Dukes Bailiffs

Dukes is one of the leading debt collection agencies in the UK. With enforcement agents across the country, they recover local taxation arrears, commercial rent arrears, and other debts. In addition, they also foreclose commercial leases and evict trespassers from land. If a debt is not recoverable through the normal channels, Dukes can take the matter to the high court.

If you are concerned about the level of service provided by Dukes Bailiffs Limited, you can file a complaint online. You should remember that the agents working for the company are highly incentivised. As such, they will work hard to collect as much money as possible every month. If you don’t pay, they’ll try anything to get their money.

If you’ve been unable to pay your debts, you should consider getting professional help to handle the situation. The Financial Ombudsman has reported an increase in complaints about debt collection agencies such as Dukes. The Financial Ombudsman recommends that you contact a debt specialist or an expert in debt management before letting Dukes Bailiffs take action against you.

Dukes Bailiffs Limited are privately owned enforcement agents that assist businesses and councils with their collection needs. The company has a proven track record of collecting unpaid debt and enforcing High Court judgements. In addition to debt collection, the company also helps landlords and tenants with evictions.

If you want to avoid having to talk with Dukes Bailiffs over the phone, Dukes Bailiffs offer a live chat service for their customers. This service is discreet and easy to use, and it is an ideal alternative for customers who don’t want to discuss their debt issues over the phone. It also enables customers to ask any question and get help with account-specific problems.

If you’ve fallen behind on your debt payments, a Dukes bailiff will visit your home to take control of your property. You must give them at least 7 days’ notice for their first visit. The Bailiff can enter your home through a window or door, and may take items from outside the home, too. The fees for enforcement are PS235 per visit.

Debt collectors such as Dukes Bailiffs are notoriously relentless. In some cases, their harassment of debtors has led to mental health problems and even the occasional suicide. The government is taking steps to take a more proactive approach to dealing with debt collection. They now have new regulations to ensure that the debt collection agencies do not cause more harm than good.

Dukes’ new platform, Certus, allows clients to access real-time data. The self-service portal is accessible via secure login details. It allows clients to see the progress of their cases and collection performance. The solution also allows Dukes to create bespoke reports for internal and external use. Using this information, they can identify areas for improvement and develop intelligent collection and recovery strategies.

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