Debt Collection Agencies – A Closer Look at Equita


Equita is a debt enforcement company with over 140 years of experience. The company is based in Northampton and has a network of local offices that work closely with local authorities. This ensures a fast, efficient service. If you miss a payment date, the company takes action to get it back. They also offer debt advice and set up repayment plans. You can get a free quote by filling out a short form online.

Equita uses innovative technology to ensure debts are paid

Equita is an established firm that specializes in debt collection and aims to keep their clients compliant with debt agreements. The company uses innovative technology to help them gather money from debtors. The company has a good grasp of the market and is able to spot problems early on. The company offers debt advice as well as payment plans for those who have trouble making payments. Ultimately, they make sure that their clients’ debts are paid in full. Founded in Northampton, UK, Equita has been in the debt collection industry for many years.

One of Equita’s innovative technologies is the use of Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) to capture up to 70% of information from membership forms. This reduces the amount of errors made during manual data entry. The process also keeps debtors on a payment schedule. Internal controls ensure that the company operates efficiently and effectively. These technologies allow Equita to offer a more personalized service to customers.

It provides debt advice

If you’re drowning in debt, you may have come across the website of Equita. The company offers a range of debt advice services, from setting up payment plans to debt collection. The website is designed with a focus on collecting payments from debtors, but some of its tactics are questionable or even illegal. Here’s a closer look at how the company operates. Listed below are some of its tactics:

You can contact Equita to complain about their service. If you’re not satisfied with their service, you can also contact the Financial Ombudsman Service. The FOS can investigate complaints about any company, including debt collection agencies. However, this service doesn’t handle complaints directly against their clients. Therefore, if you’re unhappy with the service offered by Equita, you should contact this body. If you don’t feel comfortable contacting Equita, you can approach the FOS.

It sets up repayment plans

If you’re not able to pay off your debt, Equita sets up repayment plans and then works with you to find a solution. Their customer relationship management system allows them to reach you in a variety of ways, including by phone and text message. They will give you seven days to pay, and they will charge a collection fee if you fail to comply. This fee is typically 7.5% of the outstanding balance.

If you can’t pay your full balance, the company will send you letters. If you don’t have the mail, Equita will call you on the number you provided. The company will contact you by phone or in writing to arrange a payment plan with you. You can pay through the phone, online, or through a payment portal. If you’re not sure how to make payments, Equita will provide a helpful guide for paying off your debt and setting up a repayment plan.

It takes action if you miss a payment date

If you miss a payment date, Equita takes action to make sure you are paid. Equita can send bailiffs to your home and can also request a CCJ if you are behind on your payments. They will usually give you warnings and send you an agent who will visit your home to collect the outstanding balance. If you fail to pay your account, they will charge you a collection fee, which is typically 7.5% of the total balance.

If you miss a payment date, Equita will contact you via letter or phone. The letter will include details of the debt, the amount owed, any penalties you’re liable to pay, and when you need to pay the balance. If you miss a payment date, Equita can take further action, including seizing your property or issuing a County Court Judgement, and threatening bankruptcy.

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