Bristow and Sutor Debt Collection

Bristow and Sutor

Bristow and Sutor debt collection is a well established agency, and is based in Redditch, Worcestershire. They specialise in the collection of council tax and non-domestic rates debts. They have a good reputation and are widely respected in the judicial services.

They are members of the CIVEA Code of Practice for Civil Enforcement, which is a set of laws designed to regulate debt collection businesses. The Office for Fair Trading is also responsible for ensuring that businesses operate in a fair and reasonable manner. They prevent aggressive practices and are keen to see that debt collection agencies comply with regulations.

Bristow and Sutor employ bailiffs to enforce their debts. They can enter your home or business premises, and seize your property if you are unable to pay the debt. They have a list of your belongings, which they use to estimate the value of the goods. They can then apply to the court to extend their ‘Taking Control of Goods’ period. In the meantime, you have a seven day window to negotiate a resolution to the matter. If the matter has not been settled by then, a County Court Judgement will be issued.

In addition to debt collections, Bristow and Sutor are able to provide other services. They have a callback service, which you can use to contact them. They can also be contacted through their website. They also offer an online payment portal. You can pay them directly via a bank transfer, standing order or debit card. If you need advice on paying off your debts, you can consult with their advisory team.

Bristow and Sutor are members of several professional bodies, including the Institute of Chartered Accountants, the Association of Chief Police Officers, the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, and the Institute of Marketing. Their management is led by Andy Rose, who has worked for Bristow and Sutor for over 30 years. Their chief technology officer is Paul Lillico. They are able to deal with debts relating to former tenant arrears, overpaid housing benefit and overpaid council tax.

Bristow and Sutor work for local authorities, and so they have a lot of experience in debt collection. They are also able to negotiate a debt settlement with a debtor. The process begins when the agency contacts the debtor. They can then write a letter to the debtor, requesting that they make a payment within a certain time. The letter will contain a deadline, and the total amount owed. They may also include penalty charges if you are unable to meet the deadline. If the debt is not paid within that time, they will cancel the repayment plan.

If you receive a letter from Bristow and Sutor requesting that you pay your debt, you can choose to make a payment in person, by post, by telephone or online. You can also get a receipt from the agency, and you can check the ID of the bailiff. Alternatively, you can give them your cash payments and keep a record of the money you have given.

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