Bristow and Sutor

Bristow and Sutor

Bristow and Sutor are an enforcement company that provides enforcement services to local authorities. They visit debtors’ homes and collect money owed to creditors. Debtors have the right to be present when bailiffs visit, but they have to give a minimum of seven days’ notice before the first visit. Bailiffs will only enter a home through a door, not by climbing a window.

Alternatively, you can try to contact the Financial Ombudsman. This agency will investigate complaints about debt collection companies. It is illegal for collection agencies to use coercion or aggressive practices to get money from debtors. You should always seek legal advice before using a collection agency. Even if you believe you can pay the debt, you must not hire a company that is not regulated and uses abusive tactics.

Another method that Bristow and Sutor may use is a controlled goods agreement. This agreement allows you time to repay your debts without losing your possessions. However, your property will remain under the control of bailiffs until you pay the debt in full. If you cannot pay your debts in time, Bristow and Sutor can seize your possessions. However, only adults over the age of eighteen can enter this agreement. In addition, items cannot be removed from homes where children or vulnerable individuals live.

Founded in 1977, Bristow & Sutor has grown into a respected judicial services company in the United Kingdom. It employs over 450 people and provides debt collection services to both private and public sector companies. With the MBO, Sovereign Capital plans to further enhance its reputation and service offerings.

Bristow and Sutor have a vast network of enforcement agents all over England and Wales. They work on behalf of local authorities. The company’s powers are different from those of other collection agencies. They have the power to garnish wages and sell goods. They have also been active in the recovery of public sector debts for 42 years.

Bristow and Sutor has a detailed and efficient debt collection process. It also offers many options for payment, including bank transfer, standing order, and online payment portals. In addition, it accepts payment plans. The firm is owned by BB Shelf 4 LLP and Sovereign Capital Partners LLP. While it is not regulated, the company abides by the CIVEA Code of Practice for Civil Enforcement.

If you miss payment, Bristow and Sutor will issue a Compliance Notice. This notice will give you 7 days to pay up. In addition, Bristow and Sutor will levy a PS75 compliance fee. If you do not respond, Bristow and Sutor will take further enforcement action.

Bristow and Sutor is an established enforcement agency in England. They collect debts on behalf of local authorities and private companies. They have a branch in Redditch, Worcestershire. They have also been active in collecting rent arrears from residents in communities across England. They have been criticized for the aggressive way bailiffs approach debtors.

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