Bristow and Sutor

Bristow and Sutor

Bristow and Sutor is a leading Enforcement Agent, providing services to local authorities and other businesses. Its core services include debt collection and lawful enforcement. The firm works with over 140 Local Government Authorities and has more than 44 years of experience. See the company’s full profile to find out more.

As a debt collection agency, Bristow and Sutor buys debts from consumers for a fraction of their face value and then works with them to collect payments. Their agents are rewarded with bonuses based on the amount of debt they recover. This incentive makes them keen to collect as much as possible.

The process begins with a visit by a Bristow and Sutor bailiff. They will ask the debtor to sign a “controlled goods agreement” which grants them the right to seize business and personal possessions. Next, they will visit the business premises and perform an inventory of the property. Then they will conduct a valuation exercise and attempt to estimate how many items they can sell to cover the debt.

If the debtor does not make payments, Bristow and Sutor will send them a Compliance Notice. This will give the debtor seven days to make a payment. It will also warn them of further enforcement actions. If they fail to respond to the Compliance Notice, Bristow and Sutor will issue a Notice of Civil Enforcement.

Bristow and Sutor Enforcement Agents can use lockpicks or other specialist equipment to gain access to your home. However, they cannot force entry to your home, so you should be prepared to give them access to your belongings. However, if you do not want them to gain entry to your home or business premises, you can negotiate a settlement with the bailiff.

Another option is to go through the court process. If you cannot pay the debt, you can file for bankruptcy. In some cases, bankruptcy is the best option for debtors who are not able to pay. A debt advisor will help you navigate these legal options. They can also help you make a plan for action.

Bristow and Sutor Enforcement Agents work for more than 120 local authorities. They are able to collect unpaid council tax and non-domestic rates. If you fail to make payments, they can visit your home and seize your belongings. However, they must have at least seven days notice to visit your home.

If you’re struggling with debt, Bristow and Sutor can help you get back on track. The company is able to collect debt on behalf of local authorities, but they can also pursue you for overpayment of benefits. It’s best to seek specialist debt advice before paying off debt collectors.

As a member of the Civil Enforcement Association, Bristow and Sutor are legitimate enforcement agencies. These companies are required to follow strict codes of conduct, including the treatment of vulnerable debtors.

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