TouchShield™ – The future of viral prevention in the workplace isn't all yellow markers and red tape.


“With or without vaccines, the effects of COVID-19 on our psychology and consumer behaviour are immeasurable. Businesses are looking toward longer-term economically sustainable protection methods, that’s where Touchshield™ comes in.”

“We wanted to produce a next-level, certified anti-viral protective solution that not only improved business efficiencies but that looked good too. The future of consumer protection within hospitality isn’t all about yellow markers and red tape. Subtle enough to blend in but distinguishable enough to trust, Touchshield™ looks good. Touchshield™ fits your brand”

commented Will Duggins Managing Director for the UK manufacturer. 


is an anti-microbial protective film designed to prevent cross contamination from surfaces such as tables, desks, doors and touchscreens with each application providing up to 6 months of anti-viral and anti-bacterial protection, improving staff efficiencies whilst significantly reducing cleaning costs. 

The clear film with a secure watermark can be easily integrated without compromising on brand identity whilst instilling consumer confidence and reducing cleaning costs.

The British development recently bolstered its >99% anti-bacterial properties by announcing a newly awarded

93.41% protection against viruses in accordance with ISO 21702

. The UK manufacturer had been working toward the significant milestone since announcing the development in May 2020, refining its unique formulation to meet the esteemed international standard.


“Anti-bacterial does NOT mean anti-viral”

urged Duggins.

“It is a common misconception that anti-bacterial products fight COVID-19 and sadly that is not always the case.”

The development is met with international acclaim having secured distribution partnerships globally. Businesses within hospitality, retail, commercial, education and medical sectors are experiencing the benefits of


for their brand. 

“We are excited to be part of the next generation of COVID-19 prevention among consumer environments and are committed to further innovating solutions within this field”

concluded Duggins. 

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