Premier Paper enlisted as key distribution partner for Touchshield™ within the UK



, a unique range of anti-microbial protective film solutions manufactured in the UK secures key distribution partnership with

Premier Paper



“Touchshield™ is an innovative product. It can easily be applied to many multi contact surfaces and objects. Everything from door push plates and supermarket trolleys to desks and ATM cash machines, the list of areas on which Touchshield™ can be used is practically endless,” 

said Premier marketing director David Jones.



has recently been awarded up to 93.41% protection against viruses in accordance with international standard ISO 21702 including the testing of an enveloped viral strain. With COVID-19 also being identified as an enveloped virus, the high efficacy results are an astounding result for the UK firm. 

The unique range of anti-microbial protective films has been designed with consumers and brands in mind. The protective solution significantly reduces costs of essential cleaning protocols in business environments, whilst reassuring consumers. 

Jones said Touchshield’s subtle watermarked logo

“reassures users of another effective weapon against the spread of surface born bacteria and viruses”. 

The product is designed to be subtle enough to blend in but distinguishable enough to trust. 

Part of OVOL, the largest paper merchant group in the world, Premier holds around 30,000 tonnes of paper and print media in stock, all available through its extensive national branch network. Touchshield™ is available throughout the UK from Premier’s network of branches, delivered on their own fleet of vehicles by their own trained staff. 

“Having Premier Paper on board as a key distribution partner for the UK is exciting news for us”

enthused G-Tec Paper & Film managing director Will Duggins. 

“They have shared our excitement in this product since its earlier development and will play an integral part of raising it’s profile throughout their unique network and client demographic”.

Premier Paper enlisted as key distribution partner for Touchshield™ within the UK was first seen on TouchShield