Marly Innovation Centre put their trust in Touchshield™

Marly Innovation Centre put their trust in Touchshield™

Marly Innovation Centre

, one of the largest technology campuses in the world, chooses Touchshield™ for the protection of it’s prestigious 370’000 m2 site in Switzerland. 


Touchshield™ antimicrobial protective film is the latest standard-setting innovation from The Gardiner Graphics Group. A unique range of clear, watermarked, antimicrobial protective films for surfaces – designed to prevent the cross-contamination of bacteria and viruses among shared spaces. The UK development has been well received within the global market since it’s 2020 launch, so far securing distribution networks across 4 continents.  

“Marly Innovation Center is based on the historic Ilford Imaging manufacturing site in Marly, Switzerland. Founded by Ciba in 1960, the site has since paved the way for innovation, exceptional quality, state of the art manufacturing and research. Having Marly Innovation entrust Touchshield™ to protect its infrastructure carries real historic importance, cementing G-Tec Paper & Film of the Gardiner Group as a true innovator within the coating sector”

praised Will Duggins, Managing Director for the UK firm. 


Hosting 155 companies and over 7’000m2 of laboratories, the Centre is responsible for some of the worlds most prestigious innovation and chemistry research. 

“The development of the Marly site is leading the way in innovation in Switzerland. With our historic background and the important work carried out by our clients it is imperative that we protect staff, customers and visitors to the site, Touchshield™ was a clear winner for us”

commented Jean Marc Métrailler, Marly Managing Director.


antimicrobial protective films utilise silver-ion technology to provide protection levels of over 99% against bacteria and enveloped viruses. The film has been designed for easy integration into any personal, public or business landscape and can be applied to important shared touchpoints such as door handles, hand-rails and desks to help minimize the cross contamination of harmful microbes. 

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