Julius Rutherfoord & Co bring anti-microbial surface protection into their enhanced cleaning portfolio

London based commercial cleaning firm, Julius Rutherfoord & Co, bring Touchshield™ into their enhanced portfolio.

“Being a commercial cleaning company focusing on central London, the last 12 months has proven a challenge. 

We have had a real mix of clients requiring extra services to clients requiring none at all as they closed their offices to stay at home”


Julius Rutherfoord & Co

CFO, Chris Jarvis. 


“One thing for sure is that cleaning and hygiene services have moved their way right up the agenda and are very important to all of our clients”. 

Focused entirely in London, the firm has over 30 years experience delivering high-end secure cleaning services.

 Since 2001, their business has maintained more than 15% growth year on year, boasting staff retention rates of more than three times the industry standard. 

Entrusted to deliver secure hygiene solutions within education, museums and heritage as well as commercial offices and private spaces – Julius Rutherfoord wholeheartedly embrace technology and innovation within their sector. 

“We are passionate about delivering high standards and are always looking for new technologies and innovations that compliment our approach in a cost-effective way”

continued Jarvis.

“That is why we have decided to partner


ith UK manufactured


to support our teams in delivering a consistently hygienic environment for our customers.”


ales & Marketing Director for the Battersea based firm, Nick Rastelli

, commented

“as we move out of the pandemic and through this transitional phase, business are looking at ways they can reopen their offices safely and get

colleagues back to work. 

Employers will be expected to enhance their duty of care by providing highly sanitised surfaces and environments at all times.”

“We are incredibly proud of our own space. Our head office is where our teams come together to work and collaborate,



has certainly enhanced the space for us. The confidence it gives our staff in returning ensures we can get our teams back in a safe and controlled manner.”

“We have found Touchshield™ to be non-intrusive, providing an extra layer of security and confidence for our staff. We feel that Touchshield™ will be an excellent addition to our clients sites and are delighted to offer it as part of our enhanced offering.  

G-Tec managing director Will Duggins enthsed

“Julius Rutherfoord bring a whole new exciting approach to Touchshield!”

Duggins continued 

“bringing ‘smart-surfaces’ into their cleaning package is incredibly unique and will add huge value to their already comprehensive and trusted offering. They will be working very closely with our UK distribution partners to bring this protective solutions to their clients in an efficient and effective way”.

Touchshield™ is available now as part of Julius Rutherfoord’ comprehensive COVID-19 workplace support program and supporting return to work strategies for their clients throughout the London area. 

Julius Rutherfoord & Co bring anti-microbial surface protection into their enhanced cleaning portfolio was first seen on TouchShield