BOM Management

Automate Your Design Process : BOM’s

Inaccuracies in a Bill Of Materials lead to problems. If the wrong parts or wrong quantities of parts are ordered, a company will not be able to build enough product, or any product at all.

If a departments resources are already stretched thin this can mean cleaning up mistakes is a hassle and a waste of money. Errors in BOM’s mainly come from 3 different categories:

BOM Management


Incomplete data is the most common BOM issue, this includes vital information such as quantity, part descriptions and approved manufacturers list (AML’s).


Some information in a Bill of Materials can conflict with information provided in drawings or design files. Quantities may not match, there may be 5 locations for a component but the BOM specifies 4. The format of the BOM is another source of inconsistency, they can look different even though they are for the same customer making it difficult to match up data.


Wrong data is a serious problem and can cause serious consequences. Wrong part numbers, bad descriptions and invalid supplier information fixing these errors can be a time consuming task.

However if you automate the BOM process with 3D CAD you can save yourself time, money and stop mistakes from ever happening.