4 reasons you should consider antimicrobial surface protection for your business


And why


is the product you should choose. 

1. “Guests will pay twice as much to eat at clean restaurants” 

According to recent detailed studies undertaken by Simon-Kucher & Partners for 

QSR Magazine

, “restaurant visit criteria has changed thanks to COVID-19. Maybe for good.” Sanitation standards were found to repeatedly hit high in the list of consumer expectations and was identified as a top purchase criteria over any previous period. 

The study continued to identify that “customers placing a high value on sanitation standards offers a different competitive dimension after COVID” with consumers indicating that they would ‘spend twice as much per month with restaurants that meet cleanliness standards”.

But it’s not just hospitality heading into this ‘new normal’. Businesses among all sectors are realising the importance of marketing their hygiene measures in a post COVID world with

Entrepreneur Magazine

 identifying that brands may ‘lose out on business’ to competitors if they don’t. 

Touchshield™ antimicrobial protective film

 has been designed with consumer confidence in mind. The distinctive watermark provides a unique way for brands to set themselves apart, reassuring customers that hygiene is their number one priority. 

2. Antimicrobial surface protection can save your business money.


has reported that cleanliness is “top of mind for hotel companies looking to win back market share coming out of Coronavirus shutdowns” but that “post-pandemic cleaning regimes come at a hefty price”. It was estimated that new cleaning protocols could “collectively

cost the hotel industry as much as $9 billion each year

due to higher frequency cleaning”. 


anti-microbial protective film delivers up to 6 months of antibacterial and antiviral protection per application, eliminating the need for stringent and increased sanitizing regimes and saving money.

Prices are indicative material costs only, speak to your nearest Touchshield™ provider for a quote.

3. Antimicrobial surface protection is safer than regular disinfection.


Increased and regular use of disinfectants in the workplace is having proven detrimental health effects. 

JAMA Network

reported a detailed study in October 2019 funded by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The cohort study of over 73k US nurses with occupational exposure to cleaning products and disinfectants were significantly associated with a

25% – 38% increased risk of developing COPD

(Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, independent of asthma and smoking. 



antimicrobial surface protection as part of your long-term business hygiene strategies can help reduce exposure to these associated risks with less cleaning required.

All the active ingredients in Touchshield™ are registered on the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) meaning that they are safe for humans and for the environment. 

4. Touchshield™ offers 24/7 protection from harmful microbes.

With the world adopting new protocols in order to maintain safe environments and contain the spread of infectious disease, much of what we are asked to do relies on human behavior such as washing hands, wearing a mask or keeping a distance.

There lies however the opportunity of risk and the increasing demand for additional measures that can help bridge the gap between what we should be doing and what we



Smart antimicrobial surfaces such as Touchshield™ form part of a new wave of solutions, designed to

help tackle infection and antimicrobial resistance


takes care of itself, with 24/7 peace of mind protection against harmful microbes transmitted by touch.  


is available internationally from trusted Touchshield™ partners. Whether you are looking to buy 1 roll, 1000 rolls or seeking a fully tailored installation service –

we have the right solution for you.

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