Monaco GP: Putting Lewis Hamilton's 'miracle' in perspective

Former F1 driver Jolyon Palmer, who left Renault during the 2017 season, is part of the BBC team and offers insight and analysis from the point of view of the competitors

Lewis Hamilton won the Monaco Grand Prix with a perfectly measured drive – but was it really the “miracle” he talked about on the radio?

Hamilton was clearly struggling with his medium-compound tyres, particularly his left front, as he held on against Max Verstappen’s Red Bull in a race that had us all on the edge of our seats until the very end.

Inside the car, it must have been hugely uncomfortable for Hamilton. Of all the drivers he could have been holding on against, Verstappen was probably the one he wanted behind him the least.

The Dutchman is always so aggressive, and the fact he had a five-second penalty for an unsafe release put an extra element into the mix. Verstappen knew he had to pass Hamilton or he wouldn’t even finish on the podium.

That meant the risk-versus-reward balance of passing in Monaco was edging more towards risk for him.

The role of Hamilton’s radio

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