Lewis Hamilton wins in Canada following Sebastian Vettel’s controversial penalty

Lewis Hamilton equalled Michael Schumacher’s record of seven wins in Canada, after Sebastian Vettel was penalised for dangerous driving due to his on-track return.

With Hamilton within a second of his rival heading into turn three, the under-pressure Vettel then ran wide, cutting turn four, as he returned in an ‘unsafe’ fashion to prompt a five second penalty.

A return which almost ended up with Hamilton in the wall.

It is a decision that will split the entire Formula One community, some think there was nothing else Vettel could have done, but others say he still did not leave enough room for Hamilton, whom also believes the penalty was warranted.

“I had the run on that corner and we nearly collided. It’s unfortunate but this is motor racing.

“When you come back on track, you’re not supposed to go back on the racing line, you’re supposed to come back safely” he said.

But it is a decision that left Vettel showing anger that has perhaps never been witnessed from the Ferrari driver in Formula One before.

“Where the hell was I supposed to go? They are stealing the race from us. I had nowhere to go. Seriously I had nowhere to go. I didn’t see him.

Lewis Hamilton, 2019 Canadian Grand Prix, Sunday

Lewis Hamilton, 2019 Canadian Grand Prix, Sunday – LAT Images

“Seriously, you need to be an absolute blind man to think that you can go through the grass and then control your car” Vettel vented.

It is something which resulted in him storming off to the Ferrari motor home, as he was then forced to attend the podium, which he almost boycotted.

However, it now leaves Mercedes in total control of both standings with a 121-point lead over Ferrari in the constructor’s championship.

Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton now holds a 29-point lead in the driver’s championship over his team-mate, Valtteri Bottas, as Mercedes remain undefeated in 2019.

Does this pose questions for Formula One on a wider scale?

In modern day Formula One, there is a constant cry that too often the drivers are not allowed to race and that the FIA interfere too much with race incidents.

Something which is perhaps a contrast to F1 in the 20th century, where wheel-to-wheel racing was a constant, producing scintillating races start to finish.

Yet on this instance, those who believe it wasn’t a penalty may see it as something that highlights the problem with F1 in today’s age and needs reviewing.

Sebastian Vettel, who views himself as a traditionalist, certainly held this opinion in his post-race conference.

“I love going back and looking at the old times

“I wish I was doing what I do but being in their time rather than today. It’s not just about that decision today, there’s other decisions” he said.

The four-time World Champion then went on to suggest that rules within modern day Formula One have perhaps gone too far.

Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, 2019 Canadian Grand Prix, Sunday

2019 Canadian Grand Prix, Sunday – LAT Images

“I disagree with where the sport is now. I just think it’s wrong, it’s racing, it’s common sense.

“For me that’s racing, the old Formula One drivers would agree that this is just a part of racing, but nowadays I don’t like it, we all sound a bit like lawyers.

“I think it just keeps no edge to people and no edge to the sport, ultimately it’s not the sport I fell in love with” he said.

Perhaps what Vettel has said will be a catalyst for the FIA to start reviewing all the current regulations, as they seek ways to revitalise the sport in 2021.

Whether one believes it was a penalty or not, Vettel’s worrying quotes could be something that are supported widespread across Formula One fans, especially when it is a four-time World Champion in that certain belief.

A tough one to take for the German as Ferrari still seek their first win of 2019.

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