F1 teams to blame for dull races, says Formula E boss Agag

Formula 1 teams should have no say in the governance of the sport, says Formula E founder Alejandro Agag.

Mercedes have won all eight F1 races in 2019, with six wins for Lewis Hamilton and two for Valtteri Bottas.

After a start-to-finish win in France, Hamilton put the blame on the sport’s bosses and former F1 leader Bernie Ecclestone for the unexciting races.

Agag said: “What happened in Formula 1 is the fault of the teams. It isn’t the responsibility of the FIA or promoter.”

The Spaniard, who is also the chief executive of the all-electric Formula E series, added: “The only way for Formula 1 in the future to have a healthy championship is to get the teams out of the governance completely.

“The teams have their own interest, which is completely legitimate, but they shouldn’t be allowed to introduce that interest into the equation.

“The teams should let [motorsport’s governing body] the FIA make the decisions, together with the promoter.

“If I were Chase [Carey, F1 chairman], I would be looking at this saying, ‘Oh my god, how do I fix this? I own the circus but I cannot change the order of the show.”

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