Complete makeover for Alpha Tauri!

Alpha Tauri have released their look for 2020 and it isn’t just the team name that has changed for this upcoming season.

Formerly Toro Rosso, the Red Bull owned team decided to have a name change starting from 2020 and alongside it, has also came a different look for the livery – but a stunning one at that.

Once light blue and red for the past few seasons, the red has been ditched in favour of white.

The new look for 2020. Photograph: Alpha Tauri.

And the name comes from the Red Bull owned clothing brand ‘Alpha Tauri’ and driver, Daniil Kvyat expects this season to be an evolution from last, which was the team’s best ever in its Formula One history.

“It’s a big thing going on here tonight. New name for the team, new livery. Of course technically, the team is going to continue the evolution from last year. I would say it was a strong year in terms of the team’s performance last year.

“Obviously the highlight was the podium for me in Germany and other strong races, so we just want to continue in this way for this year as well. There’s a lot of hard work behind the scenes and we’re hopeful for a good year” he said.

The 2019 season featured a podium from both drivers [Brazil, P2, and Germany, P3] which was a first in the team’s history as Gasly has urged for them to keep the momentum going.

“We finished the [2019] season really well with the podium in Brazil.

Front view. Photograph: Alpha Tauri.

“We had a good couple of races, so we need to keep the momentum. The team has a great energy, everybody is super motivated so we just need to get on track now” Gasly said.

Following a sixth placed finish in the 2019 constructor’s championship, maybe a name change and a stunning new livery will help them build on in 2020 and fight to be the midfield’s best.

By Edward Hardy

First seen on Formula 1