3 Factors That Highly Influence Your On-Page SEO

Every business aims to rank high in search engines. It’s one of the leading marketing goals today since it can significantly increase brand awareness, customer traffic, and eventually, sales. If this is not your goal, you may want to reconsider your plans because you’ll miss out on great opportunities and benefits SEO can provide. As you know, SEO can help you rank high on search engines.

There are two kinds of categories that Google’s algorithm is set to determine your website’s ranking: on-page factors and off-page factors. But today, we will focus on on-page SEO.

In this article, we will discuss the three factors that highly influence on-page SEO. You should know these factors so that you’ll be aware of what you should focus on and improve on.

Let’s get to it!

What Is On-Page SEO?

Before we go over the factors, let’s define what on-page SEO is so that you can understand it better. On-page SEO is all the elements of SEO that you have control over. Meaning, it’s all the things you can find on your website, including your technical setup, the quality of your code, the text and visual content, UX design, mobile-friendliness and speed.

It differs from off-page SEO because off-page has something to do with the links from other websites, social media attention and other marketing activities that take place outside your own website.

What Are the Three Factors That Highly Influence On-Page SEO?

Now that you know what on-page SEO is all about, let’s see the top three factors that highly influence it. These are the three pillars of on-page SEO that you should focus on:

1. The Technical Setup

Keep in mind that Google ranks websites that are high in quality. If your website’s performance is poor, Google will not give you a chance. So, as much as possible, the quality of your codes should be high. You don’t need to learn complicated coding techniques just to achieve that. You can use SEO-friendly platforms and tools to achieve excellent website performance without needing too much technical expertise.

2. The Content

Just so you know, quality content leads to good SEO. So, it highly influences your ranking. If you consistently create and distribute awesome and relevant content, your website will surely hold its place on the top of search rankings and get many visits.

As a tip to improve your content, write excellent and fresh content that corresponds with their needs and problems. Also, make sure it’s informative, easy to read and focused on the right keywords and search intent.

3. The UX Design

Another important factor influencing your on-page SEO is your website’s design or user experience. Remember, Google cannot index or find your site if it’s too complicated for users. As a result, they will not rank you high. So, you need to make your design understandable and easy to navigate. Your visitors should be able to find what they want in a heartbeat, and they should know where to click and navigate through your website.


Now that you know about the factors that highly influence your on-page SEO, it’s time to improve and optimise them on your website. If you don’t focus on these factors, there’s a higher chance that your website will not be on the front page of search results, and it will just flop. Also, you won’t have the opportunity to increase your brand awareness, customer traffic and sales, which are a significant loss on your business.

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