Our Meeting with Barratt – May 2024

Six months on from our previous meeting with Barratt, we had a follow-up meeting on 20th May to discuss progress with their building safety remediation programme.

We met with Simon Kirk, Senior Operations Director for Barratt’s Building Safety Unit, and Tim Collins, Group Public Affairs Director. Four EOCS campaigners joined the meeting, including two leaseholders from Barratt buildings in Woolwich and Wimbledon.

We discussed a wide range of topics which you can read about in our full report. In summary,

• Progress with the building assessment programme was behind the industry average and 217 buildings still needed an assessment. Progress with remediation work was broadly on par with the industry average.

• Difficulties agreeing access terms with some building owners was previously a factor delaying assessments – but this has lessened.

• Peer reviews add 6-8 weeks to the building assessment timeframe but are considered essential so that remediation decisions are “unchallengeable”.

• A “finite pool of contractors” and the new building control application process are considered the main limitations on the project pace in the lead-up to starting works on site.

• In Barratt’s view, soaring insurance premiums are “not necessarily linked” to the fire safety defects for which the company is taking responsibility.

• Barratt and EOCS have a different interpretation of the developer’s obligation to commission internal assessments or fire door reports, when robust assessments are not supplied by a Responsible Entity.

• Barratt highlighted their intention to have “the best quality assurance [processes]”.

• There is still a lack of communication with buildings awaiting assessments – but some improvement in communication with buildings once they have an assessment outcome.

• Barratt’s team were unaware that leaseholders are still having significant difficulties with selling and remortgaging.

Read the full report on our meeting with Barratt here

Are you a leaseholder or resident in a Barratt building, having issues in relation to assessment or remediation – and unable to get a satisfactory response via your managing agent? Please email the developer directly at [email protected] and copy us at [email protected] if you would like us to be aware of the issues being raised and to follow up if needed.  

If you need to escalate your concerns to DLUHC, please email [email protected], providing the name and address of your building together with a short summary of your concerns, and detailing the attempts you have made to contact the developer. Please copy our team at [email protected] so that we can follow up where necessary.

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