PainPro™ is designed to deliver 12 different modes of treatment, each at a level of intensity that can be set by the user. It is designed to be similar to a smart phone in operation – the screen is touch sensitive and intuative to use.

Mode 1: Chronic Pain Relief – for long term chronic pain
Mode 2: Acupuncture – for relieving acute pain
Mode 3: Muscle Tapping – deep tissue massage for pain relief
Mode 4: Circulation Enhancement – for better blood flow
Mode 5: Muscle Massage – for targeted areas and pain relief
Mode 6: Wellbeing / Regeneration – for joint pain and muscle cramp
Mode 7: Relaxation – for ultimate muscle recovery
Mode 8: Foot Massage – short, deep pulses (not just for feet!)
Mode 9: Deep Tissue Relief – deep tissue stimulation and restoration
Mode 10: Muscle Stimulation – enhanced long term muscle performance
Mode 11: Calorie Consumption – passive excercise mode for fat burning
Mode 12: Cell Repair via Microcurrent – enhanced recovery and repair


Not only does PainPro™ assist in the control and treatment of pain, but it also benefits in the long-term recovery of injuries.

It does so using a multitude of technologies, including Bioelectrical Microcurrent Wave Technology (BMWT), Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) and massage to offer instant and targeted pain relief.

The 12-mode functionality of the PainPro™ means that it is highly versatile, able to treat many conditions and ideal for sports performance enhancement.